Construction of a Duplex Part 17

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22 Replies to “Construction of a Duplex Part 17”

  1. Those trig jig speed squares are like $150 each. That's why it's the first one I've never lost.

  2. We had a couple of those makita compressors at my last company, i liked them a lot, they were relatively quiet and pumped up pretty fast. They were a perfect size too

  3. Just beautiful young intelligent men Jamie and Arlo minds are. Id love to have a beer with them & pick at their brains. ????????????????????

  4. I so love your videos and look forward to each one. Now if only you could work 24/7 and we wouldn't have to wait between videos. lolol Great job guys! As for that angle, the reason it's so different is because of the air quality. The air must be thinner/thicker at that point!! ????????????????

  5. I feel like if you guys just bought a solid block of wood 100‘ x 100‘ and 50 feet tall and then just whittled out the spaces you need, it would go much faster. ????????????

  6. Stupid question time… when you say you took the long and short measurement, and not assuming that the roof was correct and the board cut to 45 degrees, what exactly do you mean??? Can you explain how you do this, because it sems really important.

  7. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how people who build houses can’t figure out that 34* is 8/12 with one facia board running horizontally (zero deg) naturally the horizontal facia is going to be a larger degree cut than the board running at an 8/12 pitch. If the 8/12 was vertical at 90*, both would be a 45* angle but one is zero the other is 34*, therefore they won’t have the same angle cut. Basic trigonometry.

  8. That Makita mini blower is the tool I never knew I missed all my life until I got it, utterly brilliant!

  9. I just love watching you guys build houses. I am glad the day I got to see you on the and from that until now it's all awesome watching the channel. Keep up the good work. ❤❤❤

  10. Take that back. Levels that you keep dropping down the cement blocks.

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