Continuous Prairie Point Tutorial

Learn how easy and fast it is to add prairie points to quilts, pillows, and many other projects.

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  1. Help! I did this on my quilt but I am new and have no idea how to finish it. My quilter lady left all of the back fabric and batting around. I hope someone sees this and can help. How close do I cut the batting? How much back fabric do I keep and I assume I fold it and hand stitch it down? I am so nervous. Thank you!

  2. Spent hours trawling through you tube for a simple explanation of this method, thank you so much for making it simple, without all the annoying chatter??

  3. Good tutorial! It’s not a new technique, however. I’ve been using this for many years now!

  4. Wonderful tutorial!! I love the way you made each detail of the process so very clear with visual aid. Thank you!!

  5. This video explains continuous prairie points. My challenge comes with having my corners butt together as shown in the video. Will you explain how one calculates the cuts so the corners match perfectly?

  6. This was the best video to teach this method. Wonderful!!! I clearly understand how to do this. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I am a visual learner and this is terrific. You explained it so well.

  8. Leider sind so wunderbare Anleitungen ohne deutschen Untertitel. Ich kann nur visuell lernen, verstehe Ihre Erklärungen leider nicht. Danke für Ihre Mühe

  9. what's the measurement from the tip of the prairie point to the base? any tips on how to calculate the width of the strip based on the size of the prairie point you want? Thanks.

  10. I love this tutorial..thanks so much for sharing! I am sold…I am a new subscriber and I hope to see more great videos like this one 🙂

  11. Thank you, Dee. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it is truly an easy technique. I do not have a tutorial on how to apply a border to a dresden plate quilt. I did just make a dresden plate, but it has a regular border, so I suppose I'm not much help in that department! I googled for instructions for you, but I couldn't find anything more than photos. I wish I could help.

  12. I Love this tutorial I always was scared to try it.but this make it so easy….I wonder if you have any tutorials on how to apply a border to DRESDEN plate quilt.I don't want make just the regular border.,I will like to make the border with the leftover the fan border…thanks..

  13. Brilliant! I've always been afraid to try prairie points but this looks pretty foolproof and, best yet, no binding!! Thank you!

  14. wow. EXCELLENT tutorial! I'm going to finish my current baby quilt this way, thanks so much for this very clear explanation!

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