Could this Tree House in France be the Ultimate Retirement Project?

As children, so many of us dream of building tree houses. There’s something about being high up amongst the trees which can feel both safe and adventurous and this week we meet a remarkable man who has build a dream home in the trees as an ambitious retirement project.

John’s amazing creation, situated in the beautiful French countryside, is packed full of incredible features, including one particular item I never thought I’d see in a treehouse!

So much love and craftsmanship has gone into making this treehouse a reality. We hope you enjoy the full video tour of this incredible tiny house in the trees.

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Filmed & Edited bv: Gabrielle Vnd (

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14 Replies to “Could this Tree House in France be the Ultimate Retirement Project?”

  1. We are so excited to share this weeks video with you! I'm a total tree house nut and I'm so impressed with what John has created! We hope you enjoy the video! Be sure to let us know your favourite features in the comments. With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. How wonderful indeed! I wish that I too had a tree house for relaxing!👌🏾🌺🇹🇹

  3. This guy is adorable 🤣
    I'd love to hear his wife's perspective on this place. She seemed to have some good input.

  4. Didn't see a fireplace in the house but below is a bunch of firewood… Great home!

  5. This is wonderful. I love les Landes. The pines, the squirrels, the dunes and the ocean!

  6. I love this guy! 2.15 in, including the intro, and I know more about him than some people I have actively talked to for decades! Wow!

    I have to add that this is my favorite episode, ever; and, while I like the tree house, that's not why.

  7. I loved how John ended with, “it really is my folly.” I learned from historical fiction books that a folly was usually a fake castle in ruins that the wealthy and their friends could enjoy. I love John’s slow manner of speech, and his dry wit. It was a wonderful video!

  8. A tree house is like a bird nest🤗❤️ will it be safe during lightning and thunder?

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