Craig to McQueen: Kings of Cool

David discusses how some brands have used Craig, Bond, and McQueen as King of Cool style icons to create inspirational lines of clothing…

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  1. "This video is unavailable on this device." I cannot watch this video on both my PC and Iphone…. Plz help

  2. I wanted to view this video on my laptop but I got a you tube error message stating "This video is unavailable on this device."
    Why is that?
    Never saw that on youtube ever and have watched this partivular video of yours in the past.

  3. Why does this video come up as unavailable on mobile and desktop? What other devices are there to watch YouTube on?

  4. I can't watch the video! On my laptop, phone, and smart TV it says the video is unavailable on this device!

  5. I wonder why my phone says: “This video is unavailable on this device”. I wanted to watch this. 😢

  6. Great vid ! Where can I purchase the Steve McQueen merch that you’re reviewing ?

  7. The last jacket isn't a hunting jacket, hunting jackets have an upper patch to rest the shotgun stock against whilst shooting.
    The elbow patches are nothing more than wear and tear prevention.
    Everything on the last jacket was fine until you revealed that garish, even somewhat childish portrait patch on the inside.
    Nice review nonetheless.

  8. Hey what’s your waist size? I also want to buy a size 40. But not sure if it’s going to fit me in the mid section. Pls help

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