10 Replies to “Criss Angel's Deck Change Card Trick (Tutorial)”

  1. more than 2 times showing the red back is OVER-KILL.  1-red box, 2-slide out red deck back, 3- flash a red back and have them pick–flash red back…..AND THATS ITS.

  2. I'm pretty sure you can do this without the sticky tape? You have a red deck, and blue deck (both same backs). Take a card out from each deck and swap them.
    Now you have to force the pre selected card in your own way, and the nice thing is, they can choose the deck colour too, and both are ready to go.

  3. I point up colors on the front,  red and white, black and white and  point out all colors on face card.  I also let them turn over the selected card, and thats when i ditch the gimmick….great opener.

  4. Have the decency to at least perform the effect first before exposing someone else's work.

  5. About that trick Stuart edge did with the window 5$ to learn really know teach it please Harwell

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