21 Replies to “Crooked Triangle Submission”

  1. @theUFCfan101 you're an idiot, the top ranked NFL player gets paid a lot, you are basically trying to defend yourself when you have clearly been "proven" wrong.

  2. @MrPhrogphurter Yeah I agree. You are an intelligent poster, and I value your input for real. Feel free to check out my page and subscribe if u want.

  3. I have a question about the whole rubber guard thing. I'm just a whitebelt but I really like using the rubber guard when sparring in practice. I've gotten many triangles from it and some omoplata's. I'm interested in focussing a little on rubber guard techniques, but I was wondering if that's a good idea, or if it's more suited for higher ranked guys?

  4. @Submissions101 ARI ! dude.. this is a sick submission to get the puppet master… im pretty sure you have seen that, its an advanced rubber guard , this works perfect to get to it ! thanks !

  5. This is awesome, thank you. Ive been having trouble with my partners getting used to defending zombie.

  6. I did this today and actually found an armbar off this, i didn't pull the arms in just closed the triangle and saw it

  7. nice. there's alot of options from there.cool variation
    tho. Next stop Asylum sweep to mounted monoplata.

  8. brilliant i'll be trying this one!! i'm lucky i'm quite flexibile and latley been looking at this rubber guard cos i think it will boost my game no end!!

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