CROWD ERUPTS as Trump’s lawyer F00LS around with claim against Stormy’s ‘protection’ begging

CROWD ERUPTS as Trump’s lawyer F00LS around with claim against Stormy’s ‘protection’ begging

21 Replies to “CROWD ERUPTS as Trump’s lawyer F00LS around with claim against Stormy’s ‘protection’ begging”

  1. The Voters must ask : " Why before the 2024 Election, so many came out about Trump raping them ! Why before the 2024 Election ? Weird !

  2. Trump is republican mafia leader ,loser loser loser loser… And the dominoes are still falling

  3. Justice Clarence “Kingfish” Thomas! He is old enough to understand!

  4. The supreme court is a corrupt joke. They're all liars, cheats and dirty as hell.

  5. The Liers at MSDNC are "Hiding" Hunters court battle over his little girl he ABANDONED!!! MEWSMAX HAS THE DETAILS!!!!!

  6. Hi Farron,
    Marjorie Taylor Green must be the dumdest person in the World!! or a bigger liar Old Donnie Trump.
    Pornography probably started the day after prostitution started.
    Pornography probably brings more into the country in sales than the sale of arms.
    Pornography was the main kick in the pants to the sale in the video industry, and is more than likely the same kick in the pants to the internet, encouraging people to watch instant porn in the comfort of their own home, and she claims that she didn't know about it, she is a LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!
    It wouldn't surprise me to find out that she's going blind with the amount of porn she's watching, if you see her wearing glasses then you will know the reason why.

  7. You should stop saying that Thomas accepted gifts but be truthful and say he accepted bribes. Maybe they were bribes for previous rulings or for future decisions but clearly they were bribes.

  8. Thank you Mika Willie and all the rest of the crew for reporting to the United States citizen true and valuable information keeping all of us on what's going on not just only in the u.s.a. but all over the world I truly appreciate you happy birthday Mika may God bless you with many many more keep up the good work you are a jewel

  9. Clarence Thomas has already done his unethical deeds there is no charging him for the past! New ethics laws must be established

  10. How can we reelect someone who has many cases of sticking his carrot into every meow meow?

  11. In consistency! Fake allegations!
    No witness, No evidence, No report,
    Only Now during election time!
    Why would a million air that alot of women go for at that time and beautiful wife want to attack an unattractive lady or any lady
    These people are sick to accuse someone falsely with something this sick. Bullshit from a mile away.

  12. I do have a question on climate change the big rigs doesn’t pollute how much the airplanes does daily every war pollute more daily diesels trucks and cars cannot do on years!!

  13. This whole thing is stupid.Why did she wait so long?She has had years to bring this up and she waited until someone else making a false statement against him,then she brings it up.And why won't they let the department store tape be shown?If it really happened,why not put the tape out there.Its all made up bologna.

  14. If a woman comes forward-it’s due to her rage winning over her pain.

  15. Who on earth would put themselves through this in their twilight years for fun or personal gain? One attains a point in life when it becomes about soaking up the good things and reflecting on the positive. Not about girding up for a very public battle. This is one gutsy lady to be admired.

  16. Noone poor would be permitted to continue to attenpt to incite violence but the wealthy are once again given latitudes others are not… Blatant two tier justice…

  17. happy b- day miss Mika and if i may you are the most beautiful woman on air , i do mean this . peace profound .

  18. Trump is something never seen before. I will laugh and hard if he become president again.

  19. Trump will claim a mistrial because he is not present. He is a conman all alone from the day he was born.

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