Cubic Mini Woodstove Review

Cubic Mini Woodstove Review. Heating our tiny house with wood.

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  1. or….for $200.oo buy pellets ( wood ) OR… just use the chopsaw to cut the wood in "bread-slices" and save $ & time splitting wood.

  2. Very helpful video, thank you! One question though: how are you going to clean the chimney pipe?

  3. I love this little cartoon at the start of your videos for the Tiny Home!! And the little charactures look like you all!! Along with kitty!! I think when ppl draw smiley faces it looks like themselves!

  4. Hi guys, thanks for this great video. I'm considering installing one of these into my shepherd's hut. Couple of questions. Did you use anything to bond the sections of flue together? How has the 5" flue adaptation through the wall worked out? Kind regards, J P

  5. Just wondering if this will burn wood pellets? Thank you for the info, love this stove, but am elderly and can't chop or saw wood down to size, so wondered about the bags of wood pellets.

  6. A couple of things I miss from your old channel the animation and the miny wood stove

  7. You can go around where loggers been cutting hard wood and the leave behind the spindly tops and big heave limbs that will be perfect cut in 2 foot lengths more or less and just cut pucks with the chop saw.

  8. You should get one of those thermal fans I believe they call it and put on/over stove to circulate the heat.

  9. Try using wood pellets, looks like chicken pellets, it would probly work out better, make a tray to pile it in, and set it inside, heater, and wallah. There ya go.

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