Dead Boxwoods & Beautiful New Daisies! 😵🌿 // Garden Answer

Dead Boxwoods & Beautiful New Daisies! 😵🌿

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21 Replies to “Dead Boxwoods & Beautiful New Daisies! 😵🌿 // Garden Answer”

  1. I am so hooked on your YouTube channel. You are the top on the list. I am so impressed of your knowledge of plants. Time flies when I’m watching your videos. It is apparent your husband and you have a wonderful relationship that is rooted with your passion for plants. I am so amazed how the names of plants just easily roll right off your tongue. I don’t know your story but I absolutely love every single video you have posted. Thank you so much for sharing your passion, and making the world a more beautiful place.♥️

  2. A new boxwood is out called New Gen. It's resistant to insects and diseases! Much better than any you have ever promoted.

  3. I know you get everything for free and are paid to do what you are doing, but there's a complete lack of common sense. Hyper planting. A new diagnosis of plant addiction needs to be created as you are the poster child.

  4. Laura, that pot doesn't belong crammed between the boxwood & hydrangea. You are cramming too many things together, creating a very clutter mass. Overdoing it always. The eye needs to rest. You are obsessed with planting too many plants all crammed together resulting in massive blobs of nothingness. SIMPLIFY.

  5. Watching your videos has helped me to notice and appreciate the landscaping efforts of neighbors & businesses around my town. I didn’t see much beauty in the tall grasses for a long time, because I was always looking for the pretty flowers. But now I see the beauty and structure (and texture) they bring to a space.

    Maybe it’s my screen settings, but when you mention the blue color the flowers add to the fence pots, all I see is purple flowers instead. Anyone else?

  6. Thank you for your willingness to show the good , bad and ugly of gardening. Sometimes we win some , I feel a little bit better knowing that the struggle is real and far reaching😂 your content is so educational even in differ than zones , my hubby now knows when you have new project because his workload increases 🤣 thanks from Philly zone 7a

  7. I LOVE ,LOVE , LOVE those new daisy's. Their so frilly towards the center 💖💖 I think you picked the perfect place for them .

  8. Any idea what would cause a 20 year old arborvitae to suddenly turn brown from 4 foot high to the very top and also is covered in bees?

  9. Gardens looking great. When will you start putting in your Statuary that you had taken out to put in your front yard and Hartley?

  10. She makes planting planters so easy. I don't know how she gets soil between the rootball and the wall of the planter! Even her plants plan their dying so well. Laura looked especially pretty with that blue top which set off her blue eyes! I could watch her videos all day, but then I don't get any planting done myself. I am so excited that tomorrow is Saturday and I can and will be in my garden from 10 am until 6 pm!

  11. I love situations such as this when the right thing comes along at the right time, in perfect synchronicity. Well done!

  12. I so enjoyed this video. Your gardens are beautiful! And I loved the music you used in this one, so relaxing. TFS

  13. Have you thought of using a pop up gazebo for gardening in this hot weather? Most are wind resistant and have stakes so they don’t blow away. You could work on the pathway in the shade.

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