Jensen Ackles' Diet Is ALL About Balance *Take Notes* | Eat Like | Men's Health

Actor, director, and producer Jensen Ackles is letting us in on his daily eating habits, so grab a pen and some paper to take notes on his well-balanced diet. While Jensen likes to enjoy fried foods and delectable treats, he tries hard not to over-indulge in front of his kids and keeps his diet healthy and balanced. Watch along to find out Jensen’s hangover cure, his approach to being shirtless in his 40s, and how what he is eating affects his family. Watch more Men’s Health Eat Like videos HERE:

0:00 Intro
0:19 Eat Like Jensen
1:00 The Diet
1:42 Breakfast
2:17 Snacks
1:35 Dinner
2:46 Comfort Food
2:57 Ranch On Pizza
3:21 Hangover Cure
3:34 Outro

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11 Replies to “Jensen Ackles' Diet Is ALL About Balance *Take Notes* | Eat Like | Men's Health”

  1. Amazing perspective, this is how it should be. Our workouts and diet should revolve around our lives, not the other way around.

  2. I honestly thought they were going to ask what Soldier Boy's diet was in The Boys, which would be pretty funny.

  3. agree with his ranch on pizza and steak sauce take. if it's good pizza or steak pls don't put ranch or steak sauce on it.

  4. So strange to know that Jenson knows about Liver King haha I forget he’s a real dude who goes online and stuff

  5. Relatable advice & habits that could be applied by anyone. Seriously though, whatever he's doing is working as he looks better than ever.

  6. probably the most honest eat like videos I've seen. actually shows he's human.

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