Decorating For Wedding Receptions Table Sizes

There are several types of tables to choose from for your wedding reception.

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  1. Thank you so much I’ve been on goggle searching and came up with nothing.. God bless you.. subscribe ❤️

  2. where is the best place online to buy all tablecloths overlays and sashes and ect we have customers keep asking us to offer the rentals of the linens, and we have the tables and chairs on there way soon, and need to find a co that i can stick with to order them them for customers and fast to ship, cause i got married myself but i only rented the tables and chairs and my sister in law had all the 132 round tablecloths in white for the 72 inch round tables, and had the folding chair covers which fit fine over the resin folding chairs know as the garden chairs, so i have googled it but i get so many different company comes up and have so many colors but if i buy from this co there lavender is one colors and if another says its lavender it may be lighter or darker, so i want to stick with one co so all the pieces match together great
    if you know where the best place to order them and a great price let me know, cause we are going for our event planning schooling so i wanted to start order some of the linens to be ahead cause we are planning Jan 2017 to have all the tables and chairs and linens and other items to be rented for the customers along with our online store,

  3. Now I understand why I hate those six-foot tables. Having to scream to the person across the table with all of the din getting louder as more and more liquid courage is served during the event. Great video!

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