Deep Clean with Me! (Cleaning Motivation & Favorite NEW Products!)

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Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste:
Scrub Daddy Sponges:
Dawn Powerwash:
Scrub Daddy Power Paste:
Pink Stuff Multi Purpose Spray Cleaner:
Dyson Vacuum:
Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap:
Scrub Daddy Damp Duster:
Super Washing Soda:
Eco Swirlz Washer Cleaner:
Molly’s Suds Laundry Detergent:
Folex Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner:
Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner:
Healthier Home Wall Cleaner:
O-Cedar Easy Ring Spin Mop:
White Bar Clothes:
Cabinet Door Kitchen Caddy:
Sponge Daddy Suction Holder:
Better Life Non-toxic All Purpose Cleaner:

Nicole with Natural Cleaning on Instagram (she has great tips!)

Laundry Stripping Recipe: I used 1/2 cup borax, 1/2 cup washing soda, 1 cup powdered Tide dissolved in a half bathtub of warm water. Add linens, submerse & soak for 4 hours stirring every hour or so. Drain tub, squeeze out extra water & wash in washing machine (extra rinse cycle if needed, don’t add detergent there is plenty left in the blankets!)


Tom’s YouTube Channel (Rusty Judgment):

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Decluttering by Faith Devotional:


We have a few ways that we can come alongside you:


This takes place in a private Facebook group. Here’s what you can expect:
– 5-10 minute videos each weekday with guided decluttering tasks
– monthly themes, weekly challenges
– 1 hour live guided decluttering sessions twice a month for accountability
– encouragement & support from other members
– cost is $11/month

This is ideal if you’re looking for more motivation & accountability.

To learn more and to sign up, visit here:


This workbook is designed to walk you through decluttering each area of your home in 15 minute lessons.

– 168 full color pages
– easy to follow lessons designed for limited time & energy
– our key concepts (like inventory, the silent to-do list, the endowment effect & more) are spread throughout the book, too

Ideal for those looking for a self-paced guidebook to declutter their home quickly & efficiently.

The workbooks are $20 (digital or spiral bound)
Shipping: $4 flat rate domestic US

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Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day course:

In the Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day course we go through the workbook, breaking down specific areas of your home in detail to be able to declutter faster and with more confidence. If you want to know specifics (like how many of each thing to keep) this course is for you.


00:00 Finding the Top Cleaning Products 2023
00:45 Scrub Daddy Sponges
03:55 Testing Dawn Powerwash
06:28 Getting Cleaning Energy
08:54 Oven Cleaning with Pink Stuff
10:13 Oven Cleaning with DIY Paste
11:35 Oven Cleaning with Power Paste
14:39 Testing the Damp Duster by Scrub Daddy
16:25 Folex Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
19:31 O-Cedar Mop
20:01 3 Different Wall Cleaning Methods Compared
22:40 Washing Machine Cleaner
25:00 Miracle Laundry Stripping
26:01 Leather CPR Conditioner & Cleaner
29:37 Checking the Upholstery Cleaner
30:38 Trying the DIY Paste again in the Shower
33:02 Favorite Kitchen Caddy
34:13 Scrubby Daddy Sponge Holder
35:26 Recap of Top Cleaning Products for 2023
38:01 You’re doing a good job!

Thank you for your support!

:: C U R R E N T L Y R E A D I N G ::

“Get Your Life Back” by John Eldredge:

“Essentialism” by Greg McKeown:





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28 Replies to “Deep Clean with Me! (Cleaning Motivation & Favorite NEW Products!)”

  1. Did you ever try dr bronners sal suds you can do soo much with it! I add it to my laundry and you can make all purpose cleaning spray and mop with it!

  2. You are so right about the stuff in chemicals making us sit. I know a lady that was Given back her life from fibromyalgia By changing to healthy cleaning products and chemicals in her house. I was wondering is your oven self cleaning? I use SOS pads of something really bad in my oven or I use Bon Ami. My neighbor uses baking soda on her counter and chooses that as a scouring because baking soda doesn't scratch. That dawn power wash that's interesting. Dawn eat my so I can't use it unless I wear gloves. The one thing I know I've had to stay on top of is vacuuming my furniture how the dust can get in there but that cleaner that was pretty awesome that you should. I have family members that are medical staff and one used to work in a kitchen and they won't Use sponges because they believe they hold too much. But they won't use clots either. I use the microfiber disclass that you showed a year Or so ago. I loved them I can wash them they dry quickly. They don't hold an odor. And I'm pretty much that person of the 3M green scrubby the ones that are the flat squares. You can wash them too. I would like to see you try that bon ami and see if that would work on your oven. That's been around forever. I tried the pink stuff some areas I love it and some areas it doesn't. We don't have a water softener and we have well water and I wonder sometimes the mineral deposits if they get in grout. Would better girl vinegar work because you think vinegar cleans out teapots when you soak them or they say clean your coffee maker with a calcium. I know I soak the inside of my stainless coffee with vinegar and it takes all of us Discoloration from coffee off without East scrubbing really. I know my pastor's wife years ago the doctor told them tuda start using healthier products and How was affecting their children. You're doing a great job Dawn and thanks for always informing us.

  3. The gel clorox for your toliet works really well on those bathtub stains. Not natural……but I use in small quantities every once in awhile!

  4. I love the dawn spray and the pink stuff. I've used a paste of liquid soap and baking soda and I didn't like it WAY TOO messy. ???? so i stick too the stuff that I use even if it's not as often as I "should"

  5. Wouldn't it be so funny if Heilix added "Spooning with Dawn" & "Hugging the side of the mattress" as new options 🙂 You two are adorable!

  6. I love the Dawn Power Wash! If you get something baked on, like BBQ sauce in the air fryer or something in the crock pot that might cook and leave a hard crust around it, this works great! I spray it on and usually let it sit for 15-20 minutes. I don't think you have to leave it on that long but when I do, I can basically wash the pan clean without any further scrubbing. One of the best cleaning products I have found. I also used it on the inside of a vent hood in our daughters rv. She bought it used and I don't think they ever cleaned that area. Again, I let it sit for about 15 -20 minutes and then actually used a 0000 stainless steel pad on it to wash it off. The vent hood looked brand new! I buy the refill bottles for it and sometimes I just buy another bottle of it.

  7. Love your videos, Dawn! You really ARE like a friend!

    There are "recipes" online for the Dawn Powerwash so you can literally make it for a few cents! Also, I keep my Dawn Powerwash sitting on the counter together with my handsoap on a pretty little Italian ceramic tray. If I handle something greasy I can put my hand in front of the nozzle, press the trigger with my other hand, rub hands together and viola! Grease is gone after a quick rinse! ????

  8. Great informative video!!! I’ve used Sponge Daddy’s for years and they are great but nah I wouldn’t use the $12 holder. ????

  9. I love that you say you don’t care about some of these things. Robin at Faith and Flour has a video where she was cleaning her oven and seemed to have a good method. I think she might have used barkeepers friend but can’t remember. I just use the self-cleaning feature but my oven also doesn’t get a ton of use ????. Wow I need to get that Folex for the cat barf spots on my carpet ????. I had heard it was good. Look into Branch Basics for a safe single product that can replace pretty much every type of cleaner in your home. Can even be used as foaming hand-soap.

  10. I place a metal sheet (purchased on Amazon in a pack) in the bottom of my oven that catches all the gunk. I highly recommend that!! When it gets dirty, I replace it with a new sheet. ????

  11. My favorite scrubby is a Skoy! Mine 2 pack lasts well over a year, and I use them to scrub cast iron! I use to love the Scrub Daddy, but I didn’t like seeing all the micro bits of plastic running down the drain when it started to break down.

  12. Wonderful video
    Thanks for cleaner testing. I usually use basic vinegar and water to wipe down counters and it is a natural antibacterial cleaner. Plus safe for kids and pets.

  13. Love your attitude! Life is short. Live it, be in the moment. Dirt will always be dirt, children are little for a tiny bit of time.

  14. Try the Dawn Power wash with the Sponge Daddy on your stainless sink. Works GREAT!

  15. Dawn I appreciate you taking the time to "test drive" these cleaning products because they are expensive and I don't want to waste money. Thanks again – you're a sweetheart. ♥♥♥

  16. The Pink Stuff… I got it after you tried it in a video a while ago and the paste is absolutely the best stuff for cleaning a ceramic cooker hob.

  17. I actually use your homemade vinegar/dawn cleaner like the dawn power wash for dishes.

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