De’Longhi Dedica: Descaling Your Machine

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Release your inner barista with this sleek, compact espresso machine. Packing efficient thermoblock heating into a svelte, countertop-friendly appliance that ’s only six inches wide, the Dedica is compatible with either ground coffee or ready-to-brew ESE pods. Dedica brews one or two rich, aromatic shots of espresso at the touch of a button and features a manual steam wand that froths milk for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiato and more.

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11 Replies to “De’Longhi Dedica: Descaling Your Machine”

  1. i made successfull descaling using 100 ml delonghi descale liquid, from the first time and yellow flashing disappear. While in descale mode the pump will stop automatically when the water finish in the tank. Then only close the steam valve, do not switch off machine. Refill fresh water , open steam valve again and press the steam button again. The pumping will continue until tank is empty. Close and open steam valve during this process from time to time. Be sure to use delonghi descale liquid, I have tried before with different brand and sometimes it is not working. I bought bottle delonghi liquid for 12 euro, 500 ml, sufficient for five clean up operations. I think it is a good deal.

  2. De scaled it twice and flushed it 3 times until empty and pump stopped. Steam button is still flashing? How do I stop it. John Milburn

  3. Okay, i just redescaling my machine after having 3 days of orange flashing on the steamer button. I repeat the process and you really have to be patient this time. I did EXACTLY what the video said and let the water + descaler running off completely, it took 30+ minutes to do it ( you'll know it when it stops making sound) after that I filled the tank with fresh water ( the steamer button was still flashing orange) then I switched the steam dial to the on position, water was coming out from the steamer and the I periodically switched off the steam dial to flush water from the porta filler. After 1 cycle of flushing the orange flashing was stopped and my machine back to normal. Remember you have to repeat this descaling process using descaler agent because i tried once yesterday the whole descaling process without the descaler agent and the orange flashing just wouldn't stop.

  4. This video is not accurate. I had my machine for only three weeks before i had to send for the descaling solution. It clearly states that you need to wear protective equipment – do not follow the bad practice shown in this video. Also, the orange steam button flashes continually during the descale. I assumed that the descale was finished after the solution had been used up. At the start of the descale my machine flushed through really fast for a few seconds and then went slow for the rest of the time. It took over 30 minutes to flush through the first tank of liquid. There is a bit of splashing, even if you empty the bowl regularly. As the solution is acidic, you may want to mop up often rather than leave acidic splashes on your work surface – you can't go away anyway as you need to switch on and off . All in, it took more than an hour and a half to flush through the cleaning fluid and then two tanks of water. What a terrible design. My other Delonghi machines didn't involve all this. I am not at all happy to have to do this, and especially not every 3 weeks…and there is also the additional cost of having solution sent to my home. Not impressed.

  5. Hello. I got this machine and I made da descaling as you show, but already made 12 clean water reservoir and the orange light does not stop pulsing. Turn it off and on the next day, and it kepps orange and pulsing,,,
    Please What do I do to end the descaling mode.

    This is a good video, BUT, it's important that you let the reservoir empty completely while descaling. ALSO (this is important, too) … The steamer light is flashing the entire time it's descaling, so I'm not sure what they mean by "the flashing light means the descaling is complete"… The descaling is complete when the reservoir is empty. Also, it will know when the reservoir is empty and stop descaling – the machine will stop making "that noise".
    Also (only "sort-of" important) : when you put a bowl under the spout, the water squirts out in intermittent bursts. It can get "splashy".You can put a paper towel under the stream, or use a funnel to direct the water into the bowl (I use a funnel). Note: This water is acidic, so don't let it sit on your counter top.

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