DEMO Day!! Lets Rip Some Walls Out. Part 1.

Chet and I start the demo upstairs in our house to put a bathroom in.

Thank You For Watching, Hope You Enjoy 😊

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15 Replies to “DEMO Day!! Lets Rip Some Walls Out. Part 1.”

  1. I have been watching the farming videos for a long time and never knew this channel existed, binge watching your channel really makes me see that Chet is the same goofy character that he is on the farming channel.

  2. At least your not some idiot from Waco Tx jumping up and down screaming it’s demo day. I could kill that suck up

  3. Chets like dougo be when they rip up the landscaping because Chet because they worked so hard

  4. Chet, it’s breaking my heart lol. I also hate messy remodeling, but it’s usually worth it.

  5. how about you invite Cole the Cornstar over to clean you workshop and organize it … LOL

  6. Tech tip. For removing baseboard use a stiff putty knife or 5 in one to start. It’s thinner than pry bar and will do less damage.

  7. Chet at harbor freight you can buy a insulation kit that holds up your plastic against the ceiling it has poles that are spring loaded we use them all the time on doing demo work can even put a zip door way in the plastic no staples ever go a n.v d get it it pays for itself I know what Im talking about buy 2 you will use them

  8. There is beens in there because ur a farmer Chet. Lol lol
    I say keep the wood floors but let u know it is colder in the winter even tho they look nice.

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