28 Replies to “Did we get scammed or no? ? (Home decor)”

  1. I been going back and forth on this table in light shade and can’t believe this vid came up girl you’re brave because that sites reviews suggest it’s a bit dodgy which is shame because they have amazing pieces on the site
    They need to get it together because they have so much potential

  2. It shouldn't matter what others think whatsoever. It's what you like and enjoy . They do look absolutely fabulous though .

  3. I actually love that the style is different from everything I’ve seen as of recently. It’s nice to own pieces that feel unique.
    And if you love them, they’re sturdy, well then congratulations

  4. I like the shape of the dining taple but i feel like its looks kinda not high quality cuz its small if it was bigger then i thinknitnwould look more high class

  5. As long as you like the furniture and it serves its purpose, that's all that matters. Most good quality furniture isn't affordable anyway

  6. Looks good furniture, and obviously well packaged, because although outer box a bit banged up the contents were well protected.

  7. Quality

    But how the hell do you afford that nice house when ur like 15 yrs younger than me?

  8. i’ve been thinking about buying from them but i’m scared of getting scammed. glad you’re happy tho! will probably stick to smaller decor pieces for myself

  9. This is WHY I don't buy furniture that needs assembly! I shouldn't have to finish the job for the manufacturer.

  10. It’s not so much of a scam like “I payed 400 bucks for this table and got a necklace” it’s more like they make you spend a lot for crappy material. They could be using better materials.

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