DIY AQUARIUM FISH GUPPY OF FOAM BOX (Model Aquaponics, Aquascape) – Fish Tank – Home Decor #19

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This aquarium is a mini aquaponics, aquascape model
The Aquaponics system operates on the principle of recirculation thanks to five (05) main factors are: fish, turtle, microorganisms, plants, water, air and three (03) support conditions: light, fish food and electric power
Specifically, water containing fish waste from the fish tank through a water pump into the microbial filter tank and flows into the tree trays, roots absorb nutrients from fish tank water, return clean water to the aquarium
We need to prepare: 1 large foam box, 1 small foam box, transparent mica, silicon glue, 3D paint, waterproof cement, mini pump, light gravel, charcoal, hydroponic plants, fish, turtle, guppy, aeration , heaters, fish food
Our mission is: Inspire recycling & Environmental protection
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24 Replies to “DIY AQUARIUM FISH GUPPY OF FOAM BOX (Model Aquaponics, Aquascape) – Fish Tank – Home Decor #19”

  1. браво какая красота спасибо за вашу красоту и идеи.Дай Бог вам здоровья и много идей

  2. Awesome 👍 I've also made a styrofoam aquarium,paludarium,waterfall etc and it worked 👍

  3. Good job, i like it. Thanks for your video.

  4. Curious is the paint and styrofoam safe for fish and other live aquatics?

  5. I just uploaded my first youtube video today, hope you could subscribe 💚🌿🌱 (Repotting Philodendrons)

  6. Hola lo qué le pones con brocha es cemento, saludos y está hermoso !!!

  7. Bác cho e hỏi..siop ấy dán lại với nhau thì dùng loại keo hay j để dán vậy

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