DIY Backyard Makeover: Building a Concrete Patio with Pergola

This DIY backyard makeover is all about how to pour a concrete patio and install a pergola from start to finish. This modern concrete patio busted out of these concrete forms after a week of curing and this pergola from Sunjoy was a perfect way to add beauty to this backyard oasis. Bring Your Own Tools (#BYOTools 191).

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PART 1 (How To Pour A Concrete Patio) can be found here:

Apparel List:
-Georgia Boot (20% off with “BYOT”):
-BYOT Shirt:

Tool List:
-Framing Hammer
-Wheel Barrel
-Tape Measure
-2′ Level

Material List:
-Pergola Can Be Found HERE:

0:00 – Intro
0:28 – Concrete Forms Removed
4:20 – Rock Fill & Clean Up
5:35 – Pergola Install
11:53 – Finished Product

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5 Replies to “DIY Backyard Makeover: Building a Concrete Patio with Pergola”

  1. I appreciate this post and the product. I think what's being highlighted here is showing you products and methods that could easily be done yourself solo. The man and his brother-in-law dragged so much concrete and rock on their own to this backyard, imagine a heavy all wood pergola by yourself or with maybe one other person. I'm also certain the pergola was bolted down later, have you seen his mailbox video ???? that thing was going nowhere. Awesome job in true BYOT fashion.

  2. Should have shown how you secure the four posts of the pergola to your cement pavers unless it's just free standing which I wouldn't recommend.

  3. I would have bolted those to the ground.
    Those looks cheaper then build one from wood.

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