DIY Diesel Sprinter Camper Van Tiny Home – Fulltime Travel & Work On The Road

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Nathan started his van life adventures in a Westfalia, then went to a Chevy G20, and now lives full time in his 2003 Sprinter. He’s been on the road for a year now and shares his realistic perspective of living a nomadic lifestyle. He built this van in only a month with the help of his father and a friend. Knowing he wanted to hit the road quickly, they designed and constructed a basic layout that serves every need. There’s a shower, toilet, sink, and fridge, with a bed that converts into a dining area. You should definitely honk and wave if you ever see this guy on the road, as he’s all friendly smiles!


Shot by: @whereswalda_
Edited by: @filmbro_

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15 Replies to “DIY Diesel Sprinter Camper Van Tiny Home – Fulltime Travel & Work On The Road”

  1. Oh man, you are AWESOME.
    What a sweetheart. & the way you built your #homevan, is simple but efficient, even the shower outside option.
    the clothing "baskets holes" are great for a loner driver or father & son thing. You know what I mean?!?

    YES, continue the YUMMYDRIVING VAN LIFESTYLE & maybe we will meet each other…

  2. What he says about the life not being all high points, being worried about money, lonelyness or ill; that's no different than living in an apartment. The important difference is the hard times pass a lot faster. You're not tied to working 3 jobs, surviving on fast food and take out coffee because you're too worn out from paying rent to enjoy your home. In vanlife, it's YOUR life you're supporting, not some landlord's luxury while you can't afford to fix the car you need to get to work. It does a lot for one's confidence and human dignity to own you're own life.

  3. Oh, man…bfr I continue watching your video, BTW, you r cute but Im gonna LEARN about you when I play it again, I wanna say #THIS?



  4. Your honesty is very beautiful and thank you. Your van gave me great ideas 💡.

  5. Thanks for being open and honest about what it takes to stay out there. Makes you think if the ones that glorify this lifestyle are really out there full-time. Props to those that can-I’ll stick to my two weekends a month.

  6. It always amuses me that the device that enables many people with disabilities to manipulate a steering wheel at all is called a "suicide wheel" by other folks.

  7. His smile is contagious. Awesome video on the entire spectrum of vanlife.

  8. He has a great personality, I bet he meets no stranger. So happy for him. 💜💜✝️✝️💯💯

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