Showing you guys how to apply CHEAP DIY EYELASH EXTENSIONS. These at home eyelash extensions lasted about 2 weeks, but these lashes are very easy to refill. All together, I spent a little under $20, which is SO much cheaper than getting them done! The process takes about 1-2 hours, but if done correctly, the results are so worth it!

PLEASE be cautious when applying the lashes!! You don’t want to get glue in your eye or stick your bottom and top lashes together. I personally love the DUO glue shown in the video because it DOES NOT burn your eyes and it is very gentle. Be careful with other glues; some have very strong fumes and can cause irritation to the eyes when kept open.

If you have any specific questions that I did not answer in the video, be sure to comment down below. 🙂


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-DUO Individual Lash Adhesive (Dark)
-Ardell Individual lashes (Medium & Long)

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  1. What no one tells you is that after so many times of eyelash extensions eventually it will cause lash loss, both through traction alopecia and the harsh chemicals in the bonding glue. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t ever eventually lost the majority of their natural eye lashes after repeated eyelash extensions. Doing it once in a while is probably fine for special occasions, but doing this on a regular basis will permanently damage some if not ALL of your natural eyelashes. It would take a prescription eyelash growth serum like Latisse to help them grow back. I am a licensed esthetician and I would never recommend anyone do repeat eyelash extensions. The people making the money off you won’t tell you that though, and it won’t be until you remove your lash extensions that you will see you have none left (which most people never see their lashes since they constantly get fill-ins.) Do not let anyone lie to you and tell you it depends on who applied it because it doesn’t, eventually no matter how good the lash extension stylist is…your lashes will fall out from the repeat chemicals and weight of the lashes over your own. This video demonstrates a safer alternative to professional bonding glue eyelash stylists use. The over the counter individual lash glue is far less toxic. Going to the salon to get your lashes done for special occasions again is no problem, but most women are wearing eyelash extensions regularly and getting fill ins, only deciding to stop maybe once money gets tight. When they have their lashes removed or the false lashes fall out over time many are left devastated to find out they have almost no natural lashes left. What they don’t know is that these shady eyelash stylist who are making so much money off you will begin to double up on your false lash since your natural lash will become less and less available to them due the damage. They will begin to apply a lash extension on top of another lash extension to disguise your lash loss. It will further perpetuate the problem until eventually you will have nothing left for them to work on. They will also tell you it’s your fault, blaming it on how you cared for your lashes so they don’t have to take responsibility in any way. Also many people are not licensed esthetician’s and being hired in these lash salons to apply extensions to women and it puts people at even greater risk for damage. Please anyone considering lash extensions do not wear them on a regular basis and if you do choose to my suggestion would be to do what this girl is doing , because it will be far less likely to have permanent lash loss this way (although it’s still not good.) Your safest false lash alternative was and will always be strip lashes. There are very many shady individuals in the esthetic field, whether it be in skin care, lash extensions, cosmetic surgery that just don’t want you to know what repeated exposure to certain products can do to you..its good to be informed. To much of anything is never good.

  2. After you do this for a month do you have issues with having gaps in your natural lashes, in other words… does it change the look of your natural lashes? It's totally natural for us to lose a lash or two every so often with or without false lashes but does this increase fallout?? @itsmandarin #itsmandarin

  3. How long do I have to wait for the lashes to touch the water after I did them?

  4. can someone help me. so do you just leave them on for 2 weeks or does she take them off and reuse the same lashes for 2 weeks??

  5. This video popped up on my tl and after watching it I loved your vibe!!! Subscribed right away. I am obsessed with how your lashes look but do you have to keep retouching them as they are falling off or do you remove them all to do it all over again?

  6. Can you do a video on how you remove them? I really want to try this, but I’m worried i won’t like it and i want to know how to properly remove them.

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