DIY Fashion – How To Sew an Invisible Zipper Tutorial

This is a step-by-step diy fashion tutorial for how to sew an invisible zipper without a specialty invisible zipper foot.
Contrary to the instructions on pretty much all invisible zipper packages- you do NOT need a special zipper foot. A standard zipper foot works perfectly fine.
(One exception to this is if your machine uses snap-on feet. In that case, you’ll need a “narrow zipper foot” instead of the standard snap on zipper foot.)

You can use this technique to insert an invisible zipper in pretty much anything- dresses, tops, skirts, pants, etc. Because invisible zippers are fairly lightweight, I wouldn’t recommend using them for things that get a lot of wear and tear (i.e. bags, upholstery, etc.).

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29 Replies to “DIY Fashion – How To Sew an Invisible Zipper Tutorial”

  1. Finally a zipper tutorial that is in an actual project and not just two pieces of fabric! Thank you!

  2. You must get DIFFERENT kind of food pad for invisible zipper! This one you use wan,t makes really  invisible zipper, so, that,s wrong work,sorry

  3. I might have missed it, but what was your seam allowance? Or why wasn't the edge of the zipper to the edge of the fabric when you sewed it? Does that make sense? I hope so. Im really just curious because I need to sew an invisible zipper, but have no idea what the allowance should be or if I should go right to the edge. Thanks!

  4. sorry but why you the américain tolk a lot…i m feeling so boringe..m'y God..and sorry a gaine

  5. This is likely to sound extraordinarily creepy.. but… 😛 I love the sound of your voice, your teaching style and your sense of humour. Really enjoying your videos 🙂 (have been a fan of What The Craft and SmarmyClothes for a long ol' time :).. think I found you on PRD way back when? ).

  6. Just want to thank you for a great tutorial – I only get to work on sewing projects once every couple of months, so I watch your video every. single. time. to remind me how to do this. 🙂

  7. love this tutorial..I always have problems sewings zippers…thank you..BTW the dress GORGEOUS

  8. What is the zipper foot called exactly that you recommend? I've been trying to find one…I have seen High Shank and Low Shank adjustable ones that look like the one you used…which one do I want for sewing invisible zippers?

  9. I review this every time I have to put in a zipper. I can't like it enough! Thank you so very, very much!

  10. This was a great tutorial and really well-planned out audio-wise (thanks for being succinct but also clear at explaining things!) but the first thing I noticed was that the dress fabric is blue-black on obverse and white-gold on the reverse. 
    >referencing 2015 memes on a 2012 video

    But I'm excited to properly sew invisible zips now! Thank you!

  11. Such a beautiful dress! I love it so much I wish I had one of these in my closet in my size! 

  12. When you iron the zipper first, do you use steam or not. The reason ask is because I melted a zipper once. So I am afraid to try this technique again lol.I love you video's so well explained.
     I too have searched for a good explanation of inserting a zipper like this.

  13. Thanks for the tutorial. I've only done regular zippers, so this invisible one was driving me up a wall!

  14. Great tutorial, great closeups and excellent explanations.  I will try it right now.  Thank you.

  15. Appreciate everything you had to say regarding the installation of the invisible zipper…But what I really appreciate and love is how truly seamlessly gorgeous you lined up the pattern through "Every" seam!
    Truly inspiring! Thank you! 😊👍👍

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