DIY Inks&Plastic Foil on Polymer clay. Unique and colorful PC technique. VIDEO Tutorial!

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By the way, my friend just remind to me, that this is she – Patti Underwood, was told me about this way of using alcohol inks and foils! So, I want to say Big Thank you, my friend! ^_^
Kisses and hugs! Here is her photo tutorial on this technique:

I think it is really a lot of fun and pleasure to play with all colors of inks for making such unique and colorful patterns which you can easy to use in your beautiful jewelry making projects!

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– I bake 20 min at 140-150″C.. start from cold oven – I put items in cold oven and set 150… but when I see that my thermometer already shot 150’C – I make 140″C

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20 Replies to “DIY Inks&Plastic Foil on Polymer clay. Unique and colorful PC technique. VIDEO Tutorial!”

  1. How beautiful. Just came across this technique today!! I would like to try it. Is that glass or an acrylic block, that you have the polymer clay on?

  2. thanku, kindly mention what is this safety solution u r using, why do we use it?

  3. Thank you for inspiring me. I worked with clay 8 years ago but stopped because of life. Watching you today has given me a kickstart. I cant wait to try this method. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent🥰.

  4. Wonderful use of alcohol ink on polymer clay…Can't wait to try it…Your beautifully wrapped wire also totally astounds me. Thank you so much for sharing……

  5. Love this. Is that a light bulb that you use to hold the pieces while your are putting the edges on? Can you put a lightbulb in the over?
    Thank you.

  6. Ludmila, you are “exacting” in all your work! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Beautiful work, you are a Master! Thank you and best wishes from România!🥰🥰💕💕👏🏻👏🏻

  8. How long do you leave them on a curved surface before you take them off to bake?

  9. This looks like batik! Wow! Can we use ordinary colored ink instead of alcohol ink? Please let me know

  10. very very interesting, beautiful. thanks. where to get these small injections?

  11. Это восторг, огромное спасибо! А чернила обязательно должны быть алкогольными?

  12. pon tus manos a crear "Diana Mano " -приложи руки, чтобы создать Diana Mano -put your hands to create "Diana Mano ", Muchas gracias por tus videos , Dios los bengiga y feliz navidad

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