DIY : Matte Nails using Steam

An easy fun way to mattify your nail polish with just steam! Who else is going to try this out? Make sure your nails are wet, either nail polish or top coat. Quickly, hold your hands over steam and you’ll instantly see how it goes from glossy to matte within seconds! Once it’s dry, it stays matte! Be careful not to put your hand too close to the steam because it can get hot! Let me know how it goes and good luck! *muah*

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music by Casker “Face You”

Korean Shin Ramyun Black (my current favorite instant ramen)

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30 Replies to “DIY : Matte Nails using Steam”

  1. I did not even think about the baking powder method. I feel like the steam look gives you a cleaner look for sure

  2. ok but why was I making a cup of ramen noodles too and was like let me put my hand and nails over this steaming water thinking invited something new, only for google to lead me to this haha!!

  3. Boyfriend asked what I was doing making ramen so late at night for, told him I was doing my nails. xD

  4. This isn’t even the only video where she shows us a cooking video in a tutorial ????????

  5. Oh. I figured out a way to make my nails matte without boiling water. Use the steam from my cooking rice.

  6. Is it weird that I come back here everytime I make ramen to know how she does it?

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