DIY Raised Roof Skoolie w/ Full Sized Appliances, Radiant Floor Heat, Solar & Bathtub

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Everyone needs a little joy in their life! Meet Jim and Debbie, the owners of a beautifully raised DIY 40ft skoolie. This beast of a rig has full-size everything in the kitchen, radiant floor heat, and electric recliners with heat and vibration! The bathroom is spacious with a closing door that opens up the soaking tub with a shower across from the compost toilet.

There’s plenty of outside storage underneath the bus that serves to hold tools, a generator, and other miscellaneous items. There’s also a gorgeous mountain range mural on the sides of the bus that Jim painted! These two have been on the road for four years and don’t intend on stopping anytime soon!


Shot by: @theoffgridskoolie
Edited by: @sagetraveling

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25 Replies to “DIY Raised Roof Skoolie w/ Full Sized Appliances, Radiant Floor Heat, Solar & Bathtub”

  1. A lovely bus and an amazing couple.

    I love everything on this bus, great ideals..

    Enjoy life, you deserve it.

    May God bless and keep you both.

  2. Such a beautiful tiny home on wheels, well thought out interior👏🏽👏🏽

  3. Great video editing. Show the pretty girl first with the inside tour, then the guys with the gadgets. Teach the entitled generations how to use your knowledge, skills and experience. I LOVE this video. Great job.

  4. Very nice. I'm going nomad also. I'm gonna spend my last days enjoying nature and of course help others during my adventures.

  5. What a lovely couple.
    It's great to see normal sized appliances and seatee, it proves you can adapt to live small but not giving up all your luxuries. Xxx

  6. Omg this couple is adorable. Love the part where they can reach across and hold hands when they are driving..

  7. Debbie and Jim You Two are So Amazing, So Refreshing and So Special. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS DEAR ONES.
    Warmest Wishes to You and Yours.
    Lay Chaplain Kelly Chase

  8. What a sweet pair of human beings! A beautiful little home in wheels you have built, thanknyou for sharing it with us!

  9. Love this tiny home but I think I love this couple more. They are adorable, I just love them!

  10. I follow them and their a lovely couple, glad you had them on your channel

  11. Many great ideas for use of space, and I love that the lifestyle keeps them active and social.

  12. Thanks for the tip about using white vinegar in the urine diverter!

    May have to do that with my cassette toilet.

  13. Sure love your schoolie! Your are a blessed couple & your blessed me!

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