DIY School Bus w/ Self Built Custom Double Slide Outs

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Meet Krystle & Erick as we tour their show-stopping city transport bus conversion. This incredibly unique build features two self-built slide-outs allowing Krystle & Erick’s living room & kitchen to be 12 feet wide. In addition to their slide-outs, other notable features include their “wine cellar” art installation, a wooden bathtub, & two regular house doors. Since living on the road, Krystle & Erick have started a building company to help you create your dream tiny home or business. For business inquiries, check out their website at or contact them through their social media linked above. 

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00:00 Introduction
00:31 Skoolie Kitchen
02:29 Skoolie Laundry Room
03:30 Why a School Bus
05:52 Skoolie Living Room
07:09 The “Wine Cellar”
07:57 Skoolie Double Entrance
08:15 Skoolie Bunk Beds
08:30 Skoolie Bathtub
09:58 Tiny Functional Space
11:38 Skoolie Bathroom
13:20 Skoolie Exterior

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16 Replies to “DIY School Bus w/ Self Built Custom Double Slide Outs”

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! You are such a creative, wise couple.????

  2. It's not often that I envie someone else belongings but your coming close with this bus! Nice!

  3. I love this couple, they look at each other with such affection. I also love this build, it seems perfect. That is the most beautiful tub I've ever seen anywhere! (Not just in a bus.)

  4. Wow! From creating slide-outs on a bus (cross your fingers :)) to the story of the wood of the bathtub, plus"whitewall" tires to boot, you've got to love this bus! I do!

  5. Absolutely Crazy Wild build !!!
    From the white walls to the slide outs to the " wine cellar"
    This is by far the best , unique build ever!!! And an adorable couple goes without saying ❤️❤️

  6. Love this bus, ur the first people I’ve seen make their own slide outs????????????????????????

  7. While I have loved and truly admired 100's of these conversions of all types, this is the first one that I can truly say, "I would happily live in this bus. And, could do so very comfortably." Well done, you two!!! It's beautiful!

  8. Very well designed bus with slide outs full regular bathroom separate washer and dryer. As mentioned by owner of the bus a bit more solar panels and bigger battery bank and the rolling house on wheels would totally self contained. The woody theme is very nice touch on the outside.

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