DIY Tumblr Crystals + Crystal Jewelry!

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Name: Emma Topp
Age: 15
Camera : Canon Rebel t3i
Editing Software : Windows Movie Maker

diy crystals
diy crystal jewelry
emma topp

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15 Replies to “DIY Tumblr Crystals + Crystal Jewelry!”

  1. An easier way to do it is use salt and hot glue and for the color, color on a sheet of paper and hot glue it under

  2. Thnx so so so much for this Vid, just found You right now and totes instantly Subbed , fuckyassssss !!!!!! 💘

  3. These look great! But wasn't borax poisonous? It's banned in my country because of side effects on your health. Is this still the case with this crystals?

  4. very cool!
    also, if you want to make it look as if the crystal is encased in a thick layer of gold you can used a line of hot glue around the putter edges where you would usually paint.

  5. For jump rings, it works better if you twist the ends of the ring sideways in opposite directions with pliers not pull it apart 😀👍🏻

  6. love the video. How strong are the crystals? When you wear the ring are you worried they will chip off. I think you did an amazing job and you should be proud of yourself and you should do more!!

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