Do as I Do (Tutorial)

A nifty little triumph trick that happens with the spectator mimicking your every move.

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I grew up in Macomb, MI, I am the youngest son of two history teachers. I went to a film school for a year and currently working as a video editor for an exercise equipment company.

I plan on moving to the Los Angeles area either before, or early, 2012. I primarily work with After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Cinema 4D. I am also a cinematographer, an independent wrestler, a magician, I can solve a 7-sided Rubik’s cube, I am drug and alcohol free, and a proud graduate of P90X.


Be inspired to learn. Then aspire to disturb.

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30 Replies to “Do as I Do (Tutorial)”

  1. Great trick. I disagree though about showing off or doing any type of flourishes or fancy cuts. I believe when you do fancy moves before an effect it not only draws suspicion, but takes away from a more impressive ending since they now know your skill level and are now more focused on catching you. I always leave any fancy moves until I've done a few effects first. Sort of building up my persona along with each effect I do. Another thing I see many magicians do it perform an unnatural double. There are hundreds out there, but really only 2 should be utilized. The strike/hit or push-off as it mimics how any person would naturally turn a card over. Anyway, thanks for being a great contributor the the magic community! I always enjoy your videos.

  2. thanks bro your one of the people that  inspired me without you id be no were thanks bro

  3. thnx so much you inspired me to be a magician ecsedera ecsedera but anyways I think ur a lil better than chris angle because you teach us ur magick so I can become a great magician jjust like you because I look up to you. but anyways could you make a video on how to make our own magick tricks plz plz plz

  4. great trick but I think you don't need to look at your cardwhic you than turn over cuz they don't know what it is and at the end you just turn it over a little befor you say what is your card and they will belive you named the card befor turning it over. thats how I do it and it works for me every time

  5. Every time he goes in to fix the camera, the internet lags!!CAN YOU PLEASE DO A TUTORIAL ON THAT ONE?!?!Just kidding, great trick!!!KEEP IT UP!!

  6. @vjose32 I guess you don't have to, but you have to make it look like something 'magical' happened, just a little spice to the seasoning.

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