Doing This ONE THING Eliminates 90% of PEST PROBLEMS in the Garden

One simple thing can make all the difference!

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Used This Video:

→Insect Netting:

→ Birdies Raised Beds: COUPON CODE: TUCK

→BT Spray for Brassicas:

→Neem Oil:


→Surround Kaolin Clay:


Amazon Store:


→Epic Seed Cells:

→Amazon affiliate link:

→ Oscillating Fan for Seedlings:

→ Sulfur Dust for Fungal Diseases:

→ UV Resistant Marker:

→ 40% Shade Cloth-

→ Garden Straw Mini:

→ Coco Coir:

→ Vermiculite:


→Mykos Pure Mycorrhizal Inoculant:

→6 Mil Greenhouse plastic:

→Row Cover:

→Neem Oil:

→Insect Netting:

→BT Spray for Brassicas:

→Pruners I use:

→Tomato Clips:

→Square Foot Gardening Book:

→My Boots





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29 Replies to “Doing This ONE THING Eliminates 90% of PEST PROBLEMS in the Garden”

  1. heck yea, i have a giant roll of row cover cloth waiting to be put to use when i move on from this green house building project…this is my second year of gardening and i expect that to be a huuuge upgrade because first year was full of pests(tried sluggo, but it created ground mold in this coastal town and i got lazy with other methods) and bolting plants(bolting is okay because i like collecting seed, but this time it'll be a controlled bolt, instead of everything going off earlier)

  2. Gave my Mom's dog a red mustard green leaf the other day… bc you showed us how much Tuck likes it! Our dog wouldn't touch lettuce or spinach leaf, but gobbled up that mustard leaf ????

  3. Hi Tuck ! My favorite little friend! ????
    All makes sense and no use of pesticides.. thank you James! God bless

  4. My garden is getting destroyed by Earwigs, its absolutely insane! They are a big problem here in Oklahoma.

  5. How much salad do year in a day. There’s no way you’re eating all that

  6. I live in NJ also and found the bug netting to work well on my fig tree and potted plants. However what do you do for moles or voles in your yard?

  7. Dazzling Blue can become almost a perennial if you leave the roots in the ground. Had some growing 4 years. Although, by year 4 the leaves were no longer Dazzling Blue. They were softer and milder tasting. They were also a lighter green. ????

  8. I found your channel on YouTube in 2020. You and Tuck inspired me to grow a garden and now a quarter of my backyard is growing food. I owe the knowledge of gardening and the varieties I have been growing to you guys.

  9. That’s awesome. We use the garden cloth to deter pests and to combat frost on plants!
    Take care,
    Annette ????

  10. Your garden is like a magazine article. Gorgeous! I love that you are from Jersey, as it is my home state.

  11. My man I've learned so much from you thanks alot! I follow a lot of gardeners on YouTube and I believe you have the best and most informational catalog. Stay healthy and happy brother

  12. Your dog is adorable!! I always enjoy your videos, and he was a bonus today. I just got some netting though I have a much smaller growing area. Plus I'm growing some things that have repellent scents.

  13. I didn’t use netting and my plants got fried from the hot 102 in ga

  14. Here outside of Toronto it is still to cold at night to plant! My apple tree is still in bloom! Hope to get seedlings in the ground this weekend. We will see…..????

  15. We have been gardening since 2013. I am still learning more every year. Thank you James and Tuck for sharing this knowledge. Thanks to everyone who watches and shares garden tips too. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Tuck for President! ????

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