Dollar Tree DIY / Manualidades / Glam Diamond Gems LED Hanging Chandelier Lamp 2019 #WithMe

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Dollar Tree Supplies Needed:👍🏽
1. Scissors.
2. Glue Gun & Glue Sticks.
3. Box Cutter.
4. Adhesive Super Glue.
5. Ruler.
6. 1’ Inch White Foam Board.
7. Maker/Pencil.
8. White Acrylic Paint.
9. Sponge Brush.
10. 4 Glass Beaded Bracelets.
11. One Clear Plastic Cake Tray.
12. One Clear Plastic Punch Bowl.
13. Two Clear Plastic Easels.
14. Silver Diamond Wrap.

Walmart Supplies Needed:
1. Adhesive Gemstones.
2. E6000 Superglue.

Home Depot Supplies Needed:
1. Candelabra Base Socket and Lights

Michael’s Supplies Needed:
1. Wood Burning Tool $7 After 50% Coupon.

Home Supplies Needed:
1. One 3×3 Empty Tube.

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  2. Really beautiful chandelier I made a chandelier but this is absolutely beautiful I'm gonna try and make this for my oldest daughter what did you use to hang it up with

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