DOLLAR TREE SECRETS you NEED if you are lazy 🏡 🪄 (clean FASTER!)

Hey, guys! Today we are Spring cleaning using Dollar Tree cleaning products. Dollar Tree has amazing cleaning hacks and products many of which are better than Amazon. If you like Dollar Tree Hauls new finds, and if you like things you SHOULD buy from Dollar Tree in 2023, you will love this video. These are easy tricks that actually work!

My vacuum:

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➡️ Cricut essentials:
Cricut Joy
Basic Tool Set
Mixed materials

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26 Replies to “DOLLAR TREE SECRETS you NEED if you are lazy 🏡 🪄 (clean FASTER!)”

  1. Dollar Tree sells the Palmolive Power Spray, their version of the Dawn stuff. I grew up with Palmolive. My 87 yr old Mom has never used anything else! I love their power spray! The smell is great! This foams up nicely and I haven’t found anything yet it doesn’t clean spectacularly 😊
    Kinda nice now to have options, especially at $1.25!

  2. Wondering which Tineco that you have? I looked at them on Amazon and they are expensive.
    Is the one you are using expensive?
    There are several to choose from and since you are @Do It On A Dime, I am almost positive you didn’t drop $600-$700 on one.

  3. We love your cleaning hacks always easy & helpfull & timewise aware 🌺👍🌺

  4. I empty the dirty water of the bucket in the toilet then I flush the toilet not in the bathtub this way you don’t have to wash the bathtub again.

  5. We need a bloopers reel! I love those – cracks me up! Imma need that vac mop now.

  6. When you took off the toilet seat, I gagged!! I know mine looks like that but I’m not going to go there!😂

  7. I bought the Tineco vacuum after seeing you talk about it in a previous video and I love it! I have cats and it is great for cleaning up those little messes cats like to leave. It helps my husband who can’t bend over to pick them up. Thanks for all your tips.

  8. I always enjoy the ideas you share. I have my own business cleaning houses, and you are always giving me better ideas, to come up with. Thank you and keep those ideas coming!

  9. If you run your garbage disposal long enough, it will not smell. The toilet lid screws will not smell no matter how much gunk if sunder them. Power Pete is too difficult to rinse off glass. Use 1/2 Dawn or a generic version and 1/2 vinegar. Spray on glass and let sit 10 minutes, scrub and rinse. Power wash or any version is a waste of money, rinse dishes promptly; it’s not rocket science.

  10. The dollar tree that I go to does not have all that stuff you people advertise, for I live in Adelanto California even the ones in Sacramento, California where I used to live. Do you not have all those products that you keep talking about so show me the place that you’re buying all these products from and I’ll go there if it’s not too far.

  11. These are great tips. The only thing I would do differently is pour the mop/bucket in the toilet and not the tub. Pouring it in the tub can cause the drain to get clogged from hair or other items that are in the water. I personally pour mine into the toilet to avoid the chance of clogging the tub drain. Thank you for taking the time to share these tips. You are appreciated.

  12. I love your videos. I am on fixed income and always looking for bargains. Dollar Tree is my go to place to shop. Unfortunately where I live there is not always the items in stock as shown in your videos. Thank you for your videos and inspiration.

  13. Love all your videos!
    With spring cleaning just around the corner can you give time saving and hacks for this! Thanks

  14. Pink cleans your hands from spray paint and anything that stains your hands from crafting! It won’t leave your skin dry either!!!!

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