How to Declutter an Overwhelming Space

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This takes place in a private Facebook group. Here’s what you can expect:
– 5-10 minute videos each weekday with guided decluttering tasks
– monthly themes, weekly challenges
– 1 hour live guided decluttering sessions twice a month for accountability
– encouragement & support from other members
– cost is $11/month

This is ideal if you’re looking for more motivation & accountability.

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This workbook is designed to walk you through decluttering each area of your home in 15 minute lessons.

– 168 full color pages
– easy to follow lessons designed for limited time & energy
– our key concepts (like inventory, the silent to-do list, the endowment effect & more) are spread throughout the book, too

Ideal for those looking for a self-paced guidebook to declutter their home quickly & efficiently.

The workbooks are $20 (digital or spiral bound)
Shipping: $4 flat rate domestic US

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Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day course:

In the Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day course we go through the workbook, breaking down specific areas of your home in detail to be able to declutter faster and with more confidence. If you want to know specifics (like how many of each thing to keep) this course is for you.


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18 Replies to “How to Declutter an Overwhelming Space”

  1. Kareedte hi kyo ho itna plastic wala kabaad fir baki duniya ko plastic recycling ke liye pareshan hona padta hai

  2. Hi Dawn as usual I loved this video with so many good tips. When watching Corbin enjoy cleaning – That was how I was as a kid, I too loved cleaning. But I gotta tell you that when you were going through the toys I found it stressful seeing you throw out Lego pieces because Lego is a fantastic toy and expensive. Any toys that could be donated to children who don't have – I would have to donate them – I just couldn't move past them. Maybe that comes from when my kids were young and I used to rotate their toys every few months and every year just before Christmas I'd have them pick out good quality toys that they no longer used and they would donate it to the Fire Dept. where they would distribute them to the needy kids in our area. This was a good learning tool for them to realize that not all kids were as fortunate as them and that sharing is a really great thing to do. I kinda got side-tracked but the main thing I was trying to explain is I couldn't throw out good toys. I know the idea is about clearing excess in an appropriate time frame but that is my weakness. Love you guys and it warms my heart to see everyone pitch in with the chores together. You are teaching your kids to be responsible in life. Thanks for another great video !

  3. Great video ? The best take a way for me was, the bin fore clothers fore myself? decluttering my craft area I was thinking: I need to bye more bins fore stoage. And at ones I thougt NO, I NEED TO GET RIDD OF MORE STUFF! ?? Thank you so mutch for rubbing off of me?❤ lots of love from arctic Norrway ??????

  4. Question – why did you soak the quilt for 4hrs instead of putting it in the washing machine straight away?

  5. While it will take me a couple of days to finish watching this video, I found this style of video very informative as well as entertaining. I like it when you have real projects to work on.

  6. I just redid my boy’s rooms- probably for the last time ? one is 18 and the other is 13 (plus we have a 16 year old daughter). I was emotional about some of the stuff but their rooms are so much more grown up now. ?

  7. We just recently saw those chairs at Walmart and will be getting them! Love watching these for more motivation. We have definitely decluttered our home drastically ?

  8. You are so right. I have waited for retirement but I still don’t have time. I have been decluttering and removing stuff from my life.

  9. Seeing the Legos tossed hurt. I would have considered paying the girls to sort out all the Legos into bags and selling them on marketplace or once upon a child. But like Dawn said, they needed a fresh start.

  10. Awesome video! Dawn, your inspirational videos, messages, practical hints and tips have helped me reach a life and home that is so much more peaceful ❤

  11. Can I just say how absolutely reassuring it is to see piles of random things in Dawn’s children’s room… Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like a bad mom when I spend so much time trying to make sure that our house is clean and decluttered and then I turn around and see just an absolute hoard under their bed that I’ve completely overlooked- that’s usually about the time I pull out my wallet and a cardboard box and tell them I’ll pay them $10 if they fill the box ? I got that idea from one of your other videos in the past as well Dawn. Thank you so much for all your amazing, reassuring, and inspiring content ❤

  12. This video makes me so happy. I love that the lifestyle you advocate comes from an authentic life (with its real-life messes). I love that it is attainable (no matter the mess you start with). I love that your boys helped out. I learned some good ideas! Thank you, Dawn.

  13. Oh my goodness what cuties they are ❤️. I have 5 boys and 1 girl do we have to go thru clothes regularly!!!

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