Don't Make This BIG MISTAKE With Your DIY Raised Garden Bed

In this video, I show you a big mistake I made when I built one of our DIY-raised garden beds and how to fix this error, which wasn’t easy!

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28 Replies to “Don't Make This BIG MISTAKE With Your DIY Raised Garden Bed”

  1. G'day Everyone, my shoulders are sore, and this old knuckle dragger has a few blisters, but I really enjoyed this project (including the editing etc) – it was a ton of fun. I hope you are all "getting into it." Thanks for your ongoing support! Cheers 🙂

  2. if it continues moving in the future maybe look into replacing the right side of the garden bed with a concrete/rio retaining wall if its done properly she wont go anywhere.

  3. ever since i bought myself a similar drill for poles my life has become so much easier. 25cm wide goes 75cm's deep perfect for poles+concrete. used to be digging for like 20minutes depending on the soil, now its 2minutes max. work smarter not harder

  4. Hi Mark!
    In your tiny tomato Everglades video you mentioned growing ancient history.
    So can you please make a whole video on growing ancient history.

  5. Do you think maybe charring the ends and outside of the part of the wood poles that went into the soil would have worked?

  6. LOVE the intro! So truthful, and I've been at that's "it's gonna be a lot of hard work" point. Many times.

  7. Your channel inspired me to start gardening this year. (Even got some chickens!) It's been so rewarding and so much fun. Thank you for these vids, and keep it up!

  8. wow your ground is so wet you have water just under the ground XD I live in WA near Perth its just sand and dead ground in my backyard well the weedy grass likes it.

  9. hey Mark! nice to see your garden companion today. lol. was wondering about the chicken feeder testing video you’d mentioned a while back? i’d love to hear your thoughts

  10. I would have put at least a tarp down that would have kept the dirt together a little bit more

  11. it's funny I don't watch these videos because I find them interesting. I can't do gardening myself but you always seem to suck me into watching lol

  12. Love this idea. I sure wish I had access to some of those products that you used. Thanks for the tips. Hugs from Canada.

  13. It’s a vege garden let it be. Some could say shabby sheik

  14. While you had the soil dug out of the bed, you could have hugelkultured it. That bird was funny…. waiting around for worms I guess.

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