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  1. Does it look good up close? I love the idea, I can’t stand those door trims that have a gap

  2. Multi tool is great but the blades are horrible even the pricy ones are trash and don’t last 5 minutes!

  3. You could just paint them, or replace the whole trim piece. It looks like a renter trying to get their deposit back.

  4. That's so terrible. If you're going to do that get the correct size plinth. Should be slightly wider than your casing and slightly taller than your base. So…. not like that. If you're gonna do what this guy did just leave it alone and save your money

  5. Everyone who can or would do this, giggled a lil when he said " a lil bit of caulk"

  6. Looks like shit. And ill tell you why, the baseboard he remove only had bad paint. Could of chip and sand a bit and paint it would of look uniform

  7. I did the exact same thing. Crappy door trim was the same as baseboard trim. Redid all the flooring in the house and baseboards. This option was the cheapest and clean looking transition back to the crappy door trim.

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