Drill Hacks You MUST See

These drill ideas are great if you like DIY. Its more than just a tool for drilling holes!

More amazing life hacks here: https://youtu.be/omS1tI7u-CM

26 Replies to “Drill Hacks You MUST See”

  1. That wall plug is not going to last because the drill went in on an inconsistent angle. I dare say you also didn't need to turn the hammer on due to the weak plaster.

  2. The ceiling paper thing would most likely be a flop, cause ima totally see my marked points thru a paper plate ????

  3. the drill one if you use paper plate the dust still fall, if you want clean one use a plastic cup

  4. I did the paper dish thing this morning to drill a hole and thanks for sprinkling tiny specks of dust everywhere on my carpet.

  5. Lol paper plate on drill to catch the dust? Really? Dude that will send the dust all over the room

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