14 Replies to “Drop Kick: Sweep from a Stacked Rubber Guard”

  1. @Submissions101 ive done this when i had double wrist control in guard…he stacked anddidnt see it cmin

  2. You have to remember that videos on you tube are only a small slice in time. I have seen Eddie use these personally while rolling at his school. Like the baby arm, there is no video of him using it but he hits it when it is there.

  3. Very useful technique. Especially in competition when you end up facing a guy who isn't too familiar with the rubber guard and decides to try to power his way out by stacking.

  4. But Tom, yours worked and you got the win in your fight, that is all that matters!!!!

    Again, way to go on your fight…we are proud of you!

  5. yes and it's quite basic actually. popularly known as "balloon sweep" (google, you'll find it demonstrated)

  6. When I'm in my guard sometimes the guys will stack and step over compressing my neck, hopefully this will work..

  7. quite difficult because it is SO much easier to pull out when you release mission control (because the hand isn't on the mat and it is hard to keep your partner broken down).

  8. that's sick. i didn't even see it coming before you did the roll. I was thinking; How the heck is he gonna do something when he has both legs posted and the guy's stacking? Great Lesson!!

  9. This is just one way/variation. Obviously, nothing works all the time (including the drop kick) but it is nice to have options. stay tuned for more and check out out site for out latest videos.

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