Dual Apple Thunderbolt Display's Unboxed & Connected To Macbook Pro

http://stuff-you-should-buy.blogspot.com – Watch two dual thunderbolt display monitors purchased from the Apple store, to the unboxing and connecting of them both to my macbook pro! A complete walk through! Also a sentimental farewell to my old iMac

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  1. Hi! Looking to get this setup – can you tell me which MacBook model you were using? Do all 3 displays work as extended desktop or are the thunderbolt ones mirrored?

  2. So do they still work? These things are notorious for the screen not working. Probably designed to break after 5 years.

  3. Hey I am just wondering, with the display plugged into power, when you plug it into your macbook, it doesn't have to be connected to a power supply either right?

  4. Can you connect another non-thunderbolt display monitor to apple thunderbolt display?

  5. you can charge your attached mac at the same time(there is magsafe!!)

  6. I have to ask; do you still have the 2 Thunderbolt displays? Truthfully though, I think this configuration is my favorite of any computer system. I happened upon a similar set-up by accident- Bought a new 27" HP monitor when my 11-year old e-Machine one died. Then, about a month after that, I decided to replace my aging PC with a MacBook Pro. Just seemed natural to connect the two.

  7. does this slow your macbook pro down? I will be using my computer for Photoshop and screen casting.

  8. how can you use one thunderbolt cable to connect to monitor? cause i saw only one thunderbolt cable connect your macbookpro

  9. Hi, I have MBP 2012 (non-retina) and Thunderbolt display. When I connect second DELL monitor to Thunderbolt port in Thunderbolt display, it doest work. Can you help me?

  10. where did the 2nd thunderbolt cable come from and where did it connect to

  11. if i wanted to get a tower for this monitor which one cam i get, that would be compatible?

  12. I was about to cry with that speech at the end omg!!! – 18 year old male 🙁

  13. The speech at the end tho, so touching. Love to see how he treated his iMac with respect, haha.
    En dang lol 2 thunderbolt displays 😮 I really need one for school but they're like $1.290 in Belgium, that's just crazy :/

  14. Would you mind if I sampled the little speech at the end. It was very touching and well-spoken.

  15. Can you please explain the cables you bought to connect all this. Can u list the items one needs to buy to create this. Im guessing 2 thunderbolt 27" display monitors, a Mac book pro. What else am i missing?
    I only seen you connect 1 cable to all displays?
    What specific cables do i need? Thanks 🙂

  16. What cables did you buy? I haven't been able to get that set up to work…

  17. i have a iMac 21'' and a cinema display and i can't find haw to set my main display to be the cinema display ONLY.  Do you have any idea? 🙂 Thank for your time.

  18. You wrote:
    "Hi, it was pretty easy, the Displays have a Thunderbolt connection cable with the power cable that daisy chains from my Macbook Pro to my 1st Apple Monitor to my 2nd Apple monitor :)"

    FireWire is daisy chain technology too, but all devices, even simple HDD has 2 FW ports. How you connect let's say your 2 monitors 27" and 2 disk LaCie 2TB (with one T-Bolt each)?

  19. Please explain me one thing: this Apple 27"  monitor has 1 T-Bolt port, correct? I see one T-Bolt cable from your Macbook Pro to monitors, correct? How do you connect second monitor – usig a Y cable?  Thanks in advance for answer.

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