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19 Replies to “EASIEST BEGINNER QUILT EVER!! ***FREE PATTERN*** "Mini Petals" tutorial!”

  1. You are such a good teacher! I love how you show step by step. I am a self taught quilter and love to watch you to see where I can improve.

  2. I have so many charm packs and this is the perfect quilt to use some of them in! Thank you Team Jordan.????❤

  3. Donna, I LOVE all the quilts you make!!❤❤ you always make it look so “ do-able” for anyone!
    Could you someday show how to make a quilt top out of true scraps from other projects? Not bought layer cakes, mini charms, or cut fabric. I have lots of odd shaped pieces left over from many projects made over the years and would like to combine them into a “ memory” quilt
    Thank you!!❤❤

  4. Love this. I have alot of charm squares. I love the backing. I have so many different batiks. My favorite.

  5. I love the simplicity of this pattern its come just in time as i have to make a baby quilt and this couldn’t be easier for me. And its so quick. Thank you so much for the tutorial and the free pattern ????

  6. Beautiful quilt and your instructions are so easy to follow. Thank you Donna and for a wonderful give away quilt, you are so generous in all that you do in teaching us to progress xx

  7. If this doesn't inspire new quilters to take the plunge, nothing will. I love your unexcited, down to earth tutorials so much, Donna. It's a delight to listen to you!

  8. Great pattern Donna, perfect for a beginner – love the colour palette ????????????????

  9. Wonderful clear instructions! I think your choice of charm packs make the pattern clearer than on the envelope for the pattern

  10. This is a stunning easy pattern and very easy to follow the instructions. Can’t wait to have a go at making this. Thank you for showing us something that has the wow factor for a beginner.

  11. Thanks for this absolute easy and wonderful pattern. This Quilt looks wonderful.

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