Easy DIY Garage Shelving

Storage bins taking over your garage? Here’s a quick and easy shelf unit to organize storage bins and boxes.

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17 Replies to “Easy DIY Garage Shelving”

  1. I always see things that I need SO LING after they’re made. Lol, you’ll never see any questions I’d have. 4:31

  2. No! I made this exact thing and it's wobbly. Now I'm going to have to add crossbracing on the ends or something. This is way more than 15 minutes too and that's just building the shelves part.

  3. The hubs and I bought a 1938 Tudor style home which, as you can imagine, doesn't have the storage needs of 2018. I think we have 2 closets in the entire house. In the near future, we are building our own storage shelving in the basement. I can't wait to get started! I'm happy I have Lowe's/The Weekender for inspiration!

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  5. Please stop trivializing OCD. It can be a debilitating condition and making offhand jokes about it doesn't help with the impression that it is not a serious issue. You wouldn't say "this helps the little diabetes voice in my head".

  6. I'd recommend another board in the middle. My cousin built something similar and put too much weight on his and ended up bowing .

  7. Hi, Will this work for 8 foot high shelving? And how much weight will 1/2 inch plywood hold? Thank You

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