Easy Pinup-Hair Tutorial | (Dirty) Second Day Hair

Hey dolls! Here is another Easy Pin-Up Hair Tutorial for Dirty or Second Day Hair. Hope you enjoy this one. I stayed up until 4AM editing it so sorry if the editing is bad. I was super tired Lol. This look is perfect for spring! Make sure to Thumbs Up this video to help out 😀 Enjoy!

3/4 Curling Iron

Pin Curl Prong Clips:

Paul Mitchell Teasing Brush:

Denman Brush:

Pink and Rhinestone “Cake” Top (Warning it’s Pricey)

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15 Replies to “Easy Pinup-Hair Tutorial | (Dirty) Second Day Hair”

  1. What can you use to keep the curl in? With heat? Loreal used to make a heat spray but no more.

  2. Can my Sick Wife do this hairtstyle from a proped position in her bed? God bless you!

  3. As for your shoes. What do you do to keep them good and fresh. I had some of my heels out like that n by time they got ruined. I was shocked and sad.

  4. How do you manage with the heat damage? I’m guessing you curl your hair very often to do these styles.

  5. Super easy, yeah right lol. I love how it looks on you but my hair is probably too long and I'm probably too lazy 😩

  6. That looks amazing! I have recently started to go into the Pinup style, ordering some dresses etc. So this is definetly one I'm gonna use a lot ^^

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