Easy Pizza Dough Tutorial: From Scratch in Under 2 Hours

In this video, learn how to make quick and easy pizza dough from scratch, perfect for homemade pizzas that are delicious and ready in no time!
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0:00 Intro
0:16 Making pizza dough
1:07 How to knead pizza dough
2:09 White pizza sauce
4:03 Rolling the pizza dough
4:28 Building pizza
5:28 How to bake pizza
6:33 Taste test

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21 Replies to “Easy Pizza Dough Tutorial: From Scratch in Under 2 Hours”

  1. Ive been waiting for this video. Now, i wont have to order or make frozen pizza anymore.

  2. I love pizza especially homemade looks yummy. Nice job Natasha thanks for sharing!

  3. White pizza sauce is like putting flour on your flour. I don't do white sauce on pizza. If you could season the sauce with pizza seasonings maybe then I would do it.
    My pizza sauce has to have some heat to it. Some of the best sauce I've made started as salsa.

    My fav tops; olives, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, garlic, spinach, pineapple, mozzarella cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, provolone, cheddar.

  4. This is the perfect crust. I like that it does not rise a lot this is going to be a favorite for sure!

  5. everything looks great Natasha. I do have one question for you. I've seen this on many other videos and I'm curious as to why you would use the cuisinart hot plate instead of the normal stove. I'm thinking maybe so the audience can see it better? Not sure. Thank you.

  6. Well well well. Sharky was helpful today! Seen at 3:50 cleaning up the counter! ????
    I tell you Natasha, those small hands have me cracking up each time! Hilarious!!
    Very nice looking Pizza. Miam miam!
    Be well ♥

  7. Hi natashas did i tell u how must i love will do for this pizza dough recipe thank u and my family u are the best araya

  8. Hola thank you for your super delicious yummy Recipe And thank you for your Beautiful video enjoy ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❣️????????????????????????????????????????????♦️????????♥️♥️♥️????????????????????????

  9. I really like pizza dough recipes, and I also noticed SHARKY ate your cling wrap when you took it off from the bowl. ????

  10. Looks so good and much easier than I thought ❤ I love your recipies, we just made your banana bread recipe this past week.

  11. Thanks Natasha for the recipe for homemade pizza dough! Of all the homemade foods I make I have never made homemade pizza dough. I will be making your recipe. Thanks so much! I love your recipes! ????

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