Easy Revit (2011) – 25.1 – Sections and Details (Part 1)

Walk through of an entire project step by step. This video: Setting up wall sections and detail drawing views correctly before adding 2D detail.
This video covers tips on cleaning up model sections and plan details, and how to work with visibilty graphics of linked in models.

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  1. i cant find wall section option the only thing that is visible is building section and detail

  2. when i change a scale, the section annotations disappear. its not hidden either. section drawings are still there, its just the annotations on plan that's missing. what to do??

  3. thank you
    whan i moving the lyers of the wall
    it's not influencing the outhers section or 3D view?
    or i have to duplicate all the objects Each part???
    thank you again

  4. When I unlock elements of the wall and extend a portion, the wall no longer stays attached to others in plan view. There are small gaps. Is there a fix to this?

  5. I agree with Mark Perry. first check materials, if that doesnt do it, another thing maybe your phase filters for your view. if the wall belongs to an existing phase, your phase filter may be showing it as just an outline. check out my phases videos for help in adjusting phase settings.

  6. depends on how you want to create it. I made a 3-D coping family for my office that hosts to the wall. that way it shows up in seciton and elevation. I also inbedded a detail component of the coping detail to show when cut.

    an alternative way to make a coping is the "sweep" tool supplied in revit. sweeps kinda suck though

  7. Did you check out the graphics properties in the structure's material? Maybe tweak it there. *shrugs*

  8. why is it that when i do my wall cut it doesnt show me details of my wall components?
    i already changed the view to fine as well and that didnt seem to help either

  9. if you mean like a corble then you can use the "sweep" tool and apply any material to it you want see my vid on custom sweeps and reveals…If you want a layer of the brick veneer to be offset from the rest of the wall such as a wainscott, then you can offset wall layers with the stack wall tool. see my vid on stack walls. also u can create any size wall panels offset from the rest of the wall if u build it as curtain wall and swap the panel out for any wall type u choose such as brick

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