Easy salami chips recipe | Quarantine Cooking Show

On this episode of the Quarantine Cooking Show, Mary Beth Albright explains the Italian snacking tradition of “merenda,” a meal between lunch and dinner, and shows how baked salami can spice up your pizza, soup or charcuterie board. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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23 Replies to “Easy salami chips recipe | Quarantine Cooking Show”

  1. Is Merenda, no Miranda (Miranda is a woman's name) and Merenda in Italian and Merienda in Spanish is the food between Lunch and Dinner, often at around 5pm when children come back from the school day. A normal merenda for children is cookies and milk, for adults is tea or coffee and a sandwich.

  2. Alright guys, on todays cooking show your gonna go to the grocery store buy some salami and stick it in the microwave, enjoy!

  3. Wtf kind of cooking is that? Hey im a head chef, i stuck your cheese sandwich from the grocery store into an oven and now it's crispy. That's my patented home made grilled cheese!

  4. Seriously you take any meat and slice it pretty thin than bake them and you get that meat crisps. The lady isn't the problem, she should have drank more wine in my opinion, it's just not video worthy. Want to know how to make pepperoni crisps? prosciutto crisps? Roast beef crisps? Literally any thin sliced meat will make a crisp, yes fattier meats will crisp up better but this is like something they should show in a kindergarten class.

  5. 5 minutes for salami chips that takes way too long I've been making these in the microwave for 30 or 35 years only takes about 2 to 3 minutes max

  6. I'm doing keto so I can't have chips unless I make them myself or get pork rinds so imma start doing this. It seems easy which is honestly amazing.

  7. I’ve gotten this as an ad for 2 weeks now. I gave in when I clicked on this video.

  8. Maybe it’s just because I’m wine drunk, but goddamn, if that crispy salami doesn’t sound awesome right now.

  9. Salami Chips i Didn't know that i loved you, until now. Literally Walking into the kitchen after i click comment…!

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