Echo String Trimmer Replace Universal Trimmer Head 21560056

This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the universal trimmer head on Echo string trimmers. The most common reason for replacing the trimmer head is if it won’t spin or the line won’t feed.

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Additional string trimmer repair, troubleshooting tips, help finding your model number, and part replacement videos:

All of the information in this trimmer head replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Echo

Tools used: small screwdriver, ratchet and socket

Model displayed: Echo string trimmer GT-225

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16 Replies to “Echo String Trimmer Replace Universal Trimmer Head 21560056”

  1. I cannot believe, that anybody would sell a product this horrible, two tiny little pieces of string is all you put in this, you will not even be able to get through half a yard without having to replace the string 10 times, 10 f**** times, if you bought this take it back right away and get one with a bumploader

  2. This weed eater is the worst piece of trash ever .You have to replace the string every ten minutes unless you have nothing to for the rest of your life it's a good buy,mine made me turn into the Hulk and destroyed it .????????????????????

  3. Why do a video and replace the dumbest trimmer head with the same stupid fucking cheap trash head idiot ????????????

  4. My new head looks exactly like the one in the video EXCEPT on the opposite side on the triangle insert piece instead of being flat ant just add a washer there is a big hexagon that leaves me no room to get around the nut to tighten it.

  5. THANK YOU for this! It enabled this 67-yo nana to replace the head on my wonderful
    Echo! The book directions are incomplete and this is perfect!!!!

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