Edges and Bald Spot Update

This video is about my journey with my edges, and the bald spot that I had on my head since Feb 2013. Please share your experiences and regimens.

Last Edges Update:http://youtu.be/9X2oHhq7dFo

Oils in Applicator:
-Alma Oil
-Jamacian Black Castor Oil
– Emu Oil
-Peppermint Oil
-Tea Tree Oil
-Rosemary Oil

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18 Replies to “Edges and Bald Spot Update”

  1. Ghana Goddess-do u have a relaxer?  i have a relaxer & i am scared 2 mix the oils together.  i used jamaican black castor oil by itself & it thinned my edges out even more.  it also wiped my hair out on the side & i had 2 have it all cut off.  i am scared 2 use jamaican black castor oil again.  i have organic root stimulator temple balm i am going 2 use with rose mary oil.  natural hair does not work 4 me.  i have tried it 3 different times & i have less alopecia with relaxed hair & it grows faster & it grows more.  thanks.

  2. ok,babe a weave,ok my momma told me no weaves plus one day,I bought hsir,snd it was already used with lice yes lice you could have been done went threw used hair like I was sold it was resold to me,I no longer do human hair lesson learned…

  3. Awesome video, Had to subscribe because I'm starting my journey in growing out my hair. 3 months It grew 2 inches. i just bought satin sheets so let's see if it improves. Keep up the good work tho.

  4. Your hair looks nice. How long did it take for you to notice that the oils were working to grow your hair back?

  5. I actually had bald spots a couple of years ago due to a really bad perm.
    It definitely is possible to grow back your hair after suffering serious damage to the scalp.
    I minimized heat use, I minimized manipulation, & oils and scalp massages are your best friend.
    The point is, keep your scalp healthy and your hair will DEFINITELY grow back.

  6. Great video! Please tell me the name of the thick oil at the end of your video again and where you bought it…..rootspiration or something like that? Thank you 🙂

  7. Nice video. i havd problem with my edges now im using jamaican black castor oil and it works

  8. I am going to tell yall a secret it might sound nasty but I guarantee your edges will grow back in less then two weeks. Monistat 7 mixed with black castor oil and olive oil and one biotin a day and watch your hair grow fully around your entire head including your edges. Do this treatment three days a week. For more info on how to mix and apply YouTube or Google it..✨✨✨✨✨

  9. Just a suggestion here, im currently transitioning from relaxed to natural hair and even with relaxed hair there are few issues with edges and them balding out… Also a lot of my friends with natural hair have a problem with their edges.. They often use gels or some form of hold to keep them down and personally I think it's one of the worst things to do. It damages your hair. I'm not quite sure if you do use gel or other holding products to keep them down but if you do, it would probably help you a lot if you stopped using them. Just moisturize like you usually do and that will help them to grow. I love your videos btw they are very informative, and I think you are beautiful.

  10. Have you thought about doing a weekly mayo treatment? It's cheap and you wouldn't have to do it everyday. It's worth a shot.

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