Empty Boxes and Broken Items I'll Make Over $1200!

Empty Boxes and Broken Items I’ll Make Over $1200!
I love yard sales, it’s where you can find items that make incredible profits! I bought some empty boxes and broken items that will add to my $1200 profit total! See what I got in this thrift with me adventure!

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26 Replies to “Empty Boxes and Broken Items I'll Make Over $1200!”

  1. I haven't been able to find you lately 😕 but I found these 2 garage sales .I've missed you 😘 💕

  2. Going yard sale shopping with my grandma with my favorite thing as a kid growing up just like at that first yard sale that white white two-tiered shelf with a diamond on top I would have so bought

  3. Hey what state are you doing your yard sale shopping in they haven't even started to have any down here in Missouri

  4. Wow!! It makes me so happy and excited to see you find such good deals 😄

  5. i love garage sales but hate when they do not price their items the tile is Sagittarius

  6. Wow fantastic garage sale $1& $2 stuff and such a lot to look at!! Bet he has more inside too

  7. Danni, I love your videos and watch them all, but I'm just wondering if there's any way for you to voice your recaps? I know that might be a lot to ask but the reason I do is that I watch your videos while I'm listing or shipping my eBay items and only look up when I can. It's hard to watch the entire recap while doing these tasks but if it was a voiceover, at least I could hear the recap. If you don't want to do that, I totally understand. I do love your recaps, it's just that I miss some of them because I can't watch the entire thing. Anyway, keep up the great work! You're so sweet and so educational. Love seeing you, your friends and family in the videos! And of course, I love seeing Noah because I have a Noah, too! 🙂

  8. Why don’t these people put prices on their items? A lot of times I will leave the sale if they don’t even care enough to put prices on.

  9. Oh, the purple glasses, the lighthouses, and I saw at least one lighthouse picture.

  10. My mother worked for the company that printed a lot of the mid century gilded glassware. It was called Victor Marsh in NE Minneapolis. They used Libbey glassware for most of those and the bird and wildlife decal pieces. Even back in the 60's, those glasses sold to the employees for $1-2 each; companies gave them away for holiday bonuses.

  11. I was hoping you would’ve picked up the box of the metal flower holdbacks, they are from the 30’s to keep tiebacks in place . Great stuff all around!

  12. Hi Danni. That red vase might say hand made Hellas. If it does, it’s from Greece. Thanks to you, I picked up American glass at the bins for 60 cents!! Thanks so much for how much you teach us ❤️

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