ENHYPEN Sings "Polaroid Love", Harry Styles, & Justin Bieber in ROUND 2 of Song Association | ELLE

K-Pop boy band, #ENHYPEN, are veterans of #SongAssociation and have decided to join #ELLE to face the music for the second time. ENHYPEN sings their top hits like #PolaroidLove, #Fever, and many, MANY more, to ENSURE their score is enough to beat their personal record. Will ENHYPEN come out on top, or will their second round of Song Association be a #Blessed-Curse?

Follow ENHYPEN on IG: https://www.instagram.com/enhypen/?hl=en

Check out ENHYPEN’s First Song Association Episode HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObItwJXIjv0

Check out ENHYPEN’s “Blessed-Cursed” Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osmHArcf_aE&feature=youtu.be


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25 Replies to “ENHYPEN Sings "Polaroid Love", Harry Styles, & Justin Bieber in ROUND 2 of Song Association | ELLE”

  1. nanininbago ako sa muka ni Heesung, please give me some time to accept it …huhuuuhuhuhu

  2. they are so talented like no mic no auto tune omg like they are so freaking talented

  3. Is nobody gonna talk about how everyone was singing go go while Heesung was singing Airplane pt2?

  4. 8:20 who's singing Wavy by Ty Dolla $ign is that Ni-ki or Sunoo? We share same braincells there yeah

  5. They all have amazing vocals, what are you talking to in the comments? I was so suprised by the quality of everyone’s vocals. People are always most impressed by high-pitched singers but please, consider all the members. They are all doing well, all their voices are great and Heeseung is not the only one who did « perfect ». It’s horrible for the others to only focus on one member tho :/

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