Everyone will be buying Walmart balls after seeing this stunning idea!

Grab the materials here!

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11 Replies to “Everyone will be buying Walmart balls after seeing this stunning idea!”

  1. That is so pretty. may I ask what kind of glue are you using to glue the flowers on?

  2. Pretty clever idea. I know I never would have thought of it. Grrat idea if you have limited space but want to add something really pretty to your space. A few smaller balls on a deck or patio would be nice ! They would also be lovely outside for a budget wedding, an anniversary celebration. The sky’s the limit!!

  3. You can use the leftover to cover snack bar stools. I've been doing that for years. I buy a tablecloth that goes with my tropical ocean decor and it looks awesome! If your stools have just a wooden seat, which can be uncomfortable you can buy some foam and glue it to the stool and then cover it. In order for the seat over to last a bit longer, I sometimes use a clear shower curtain as a protective cover over the seat cover. It lasts longer and protects the seat cover nicely.

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