Evolve Your Collection with Pokémon Center’s Fossil Collaboration

You can always have Pokémon style close at hand thanks to Pokémon Center’s new collaboration with Fossil ⌚️

These limited edition watches are numbered and only available while supplies last!

🛍️ https://pkmn.news/PokemonCenterFossil

13 Replies to “Evolve Your Collection with Pokémon Center’s Fossil Collaboration”

  1. saw the gengar watch and was like dang thats cool. apparently so did the scalpers 😭😭😭😭

  2. Hey, ok, question. Pokemon paired with Fossil for watchs, why isnt there a single one that has a FOSSIL POKEMON?!

  3. bruh what a terrible missed opportunity to not have a FOSSIL collaboration use actual fossil pokemon designs. Aerodactyl, Omaster, Rampados, would have been sick as designs. But as usual, over-done mascots.

  4. For being called a Fossil Collaboration there's a distinct lack of anything related to fossil pokemon.

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