Extreme Entryway Makeover *DIY Vintage Gallery Wall* BEFORE & AFTER | XO, MaCenna

We have been transform our house into a home thanks to Benjamin Moore! Check out Benjamin Moore’s online store to find your own paint samples, and to find a local store near you! https://www.inflcr.co/SHDOH
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lowly but surely we are transforming our Texas cottage into a home and focusing on “first impression” spaces can make a big impact on how a home feels! This week we are making over the first space you see right with you walk in the front door … the entryway!
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29 Replies to “Extreme Entryway Makeover *DIY Vintage Gallery Wall* BEFORE & AFTER | XO, MaCenna”


  2. I am absolutely in love with your design. It amazes me how you’re able to curate spaces with so many different little elements from 50 different places and make them look so cohesive and complementary.

  3. That whole moment there in the entry is stunning. All the elements are a joy to take in!

  4. You're a badass!! LOVE the gallery wall and I love that you are asymmetrical! All kinds of YES on that frosted glass! Perhaps the top half of closet could be shelves with pretty boxes or baskets for storage and bottom half as coat closet. The secret to finding the perfect stain is mixing colors. That is exactly what I do to match an existing stain. Find your base and let dry. Layer second and maybe even a third. Don't be afraid to sparingly rub in raw or burnt umber to add aging. Oh…definitely that brass knob! LOVE your new painting….Mama is truly talented! Love her!! Can't wait for more!!!

  5. The color choice is fantastic. I love the warmth and moodiness you created and mom's painting is incredible!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!! And your Mom’s
    painting is so beautiful! Love love LOVE! 🥰❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. Hey MaCenna! I’ve watched a furniture restoration channel, and she will get a stain as close to the original then use a “tint” to match. So if the stain is not as red, or golden, she will add a tint to bring it to the correct color. So you may want to do some research to see if this might help with your dilemma. The entry hallway is just gorgeous! And Mom is a very talented artist!

  8. Love this makeover!
    You’ve given me so many ideas and so much inspiration for my 100 year old house also in Texas!

  9. you might need to mix two or three different stains and colour match the stain to the original….you might need to make your own recipe combining different quantities and tones.

  10. Beautiful transformation Your Mom's an exceptional artiste! Magnificent collab👌🖌

  11. Brass doorknob 😁 you have enough shades of brass/gold in the frames that you won’t have to worry about it clashing. The white I think would be a distraction from the art wall and rich woodwork, and the black I think would be a bit out of place. I vote brass 👍🏻

  12. I think the mistake that "furniture flipping teacher" makes is one wall in a feature and in her space it looks incomplete… Tooo much of a stark comparison, I think it looks more intentional the way you continued milestone Grey ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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