EXTREME Patio Makeover Ep 1 *Installing Our New Deck* | XO, MaCenna

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When renovating a house there almost always will be unexpected issues that take you by surprise and make you change course. Ours was the front porch and after months of waiting for material, we are finally ready to start rebuilding it to give our home some much-needed curb appeal!

+ Pro Plug System Screws: https://amzn.to/3P4EM0k
+ Pro Plug System Plugs: https://amzn.to/3bw2O6Z
+ Our Composite Decking: Azek Vintage Mahogany
+ Porch Posts & Spindles from Vintage Woodworks

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27 Replies to “EXTREME Patio Makeover Ep 1 *Installing Our New Deck* | XO, MaCenna”

  1. Looks Great! Your ground needs to slope away from the house in order to prevent water damage and erosion. You might want to have someone come out and explain it and see exactly what you need to do or get an estimate. 🙂

  2. The curb appeal is starting to look so good!! (It really looks great now even if it’s not yet done) omg MaCenna!! I loooove the color of the decking matched with the front door and the contrast with the walls and black windows ugh! 🤩 everything is sooooo amazing! Can’t wait for the next porch episodes🥰🙌🏻🫶🏻

  3. Wow I can't tell how much i love it. Beautiful. Can' t wait for you to decorate it

  4. the way romeo put kinsley back down on the chair was the most fatherly thing i cant explain it but i LOVED IT

  5. It looks absolutely beautiful you and Romeo work so well together 👌☺️😍

  6. Just a tip… befor you do your walk, put a conduit under it. Then if you want to run irrigation tubing or an extension cord or anything it won't be seen across the walk!

  7. Wow! The porch looks beautiful and seems to really show off the windows. Nice! Thanks for sharing. ox

  8. That was so exciting guys, looks amazing already! One week is just too long to wait for next episode 😢 🤗 From Australia

  9. Just stunning! What a change. Your house looks more authentic and the way it should have been 😁 I love how much you have done yourself. We are in the process of redoing our kitchen in our 1900's queen Ann.

  10. Very smart to move the 2 post slightly further a part! It totally made the front door entryway look bigger and highlights the lighting. You are so smart!!

  11. You have a sweet, adorable, precious little fur baby watching you out the window😅😆💖💖

  12. The porch is gorgeous! I wish I could fly you to Denver and get your visions on my house. I feel like we like a lot of the same style/taste so it's nice to watch your videos and get inspired. I love you!

  13. It's so nice to see both of you working together with the dog 🐕 jumping at the window to get your attention! You will have a beautiful home to live in when it's all done! Your parents must be so proud!

  14. The porch is coming along just beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing the spindles. I’m not a fan of the waterfall edging on the deck though…It looks a little modern to me. I don’t like it on kitchen countertops either. It’s just one of those things that I feel are not timeless..

  15. am I crazy for thinking the posts painted black on the porch would be such a good feature of contrast to the house

  16. I was watching bunch of your older videos and in other youtube series I've watched about renovations they said that you should also paint behind kitchen cabinets so that smells dont get stuck in the drywall. Not sure if you've passed that stage yet where it would work but just wanted to suggest that just in case

  17. Hard work, but you are clearly enjoying the process!…episode 1….everything looks so good!

  18. You’re a rockstar. You inspire so many to take on what may feel impossible!! Thank you for all you do and allllll you are❤️

  19. Have you considered predrilleing for the screws? Less resistance would yield less stripping on the screws.

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