19 Replies to “Family of 5 in Renovated, Functional Class A RV Motorhome”

  1. School Bus conversions and RV's seem to be the goto for family travel. Which one would you chose?

  2. I like that they actually talked to one of the kids about their space. So many of these RV videos the parents just seem to gloss over that while they themselves take over half the RV for a master bedroom.

  3. I couldn't understand what you were saying how you make income on the road. I'm very interested, but afraid of scams.

  4. Their motorhome renovation is beautiful and they have it so well organized without extra clutter. Makes it easier to keep clean. They have used the space well. 👍

  5. What a cool rig for a lovely family.

    Spacious and bright. Love the storage especially in the main bedroom, and the laundry baskets under the bed, neat.

  6. Love your style. I just bought a used 5th wheel to be debt free, well except for my student loan.
    Planning on a reno like yours. I'm planning an English/French country farm house thing. 😆

  7. Even during the economic downturn and recession,I'm so happy I've been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $10,000 investment every 21days

  8. Love when the kids are given a chance to show what they love, or don't, about RV or vanlife or are just included at all in the tours 💖 my own kids are struggling to understand what it'll be like for them so anything from a kids point of view has been really helpful. Kinda wish I could find a version of this channel for kids, especially school age and teens.

  9. Trop de parlottes pour pas grand chose, on a envie de zaper tout de suite.

  10. that is so nice, but I would have put something on the top bunk as many people fall out of those when sleeping. So it really needs a safety rail.

  11. Great family!! Awesome HOME!! For anyone thinking that being on the road/homeschooling is detrimental to the young as far as social skills, need only to see that Isabell is a well-adjusted and intelligent young lady! Kudos to you 5!! Happy Trails to you!!

  12. I love the RV. The Corelle dishes can break. I have two sets because they were wedding gifts and are very pretty dishes. I thought they were unbreakable too. I had a Corelle bowl that chipped and I dropped a plate on my kitchen floor and it shattered into a bunch of tiny pieces. Maybe Corelle changed the make of their dishes lately. Mine are several years old but, I just wanted you to be careful. Good luck in all you do.

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